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Classes celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day activity at Buck ES

Mrs. Arner's kindergarten class learned about the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). They discussed landfills, pollution and composting. The class discovered many beautiful things right here in our community by going on an Earth Day scavenger hunt. They sorted materials that can be reused for a culminating project and even discovered the recycle symbol on many of them.

Mrs. Sulon's second grade class celebrated Earth Day by planting cucumber seeds in soil they created using compost! Sometimes being rotten is a good thing!

Ms. Mish had her first grade students create a class book about how they can help the earth.

Mrs. Junod held an Earth Day picnic outside. Each student in her second grade class was asked to bring in a trash-free lunch. It was a great success. The students learned that some things are bio-degradable, and packing with reusable and recyclable items not only helps our planet but it is more cost effective.