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5th graders host area seniors

Having grandparents attend a school concert is nothing new. Inviting them to a holiday concert during the school day along with scores of others from local senior residences, then feeding them all and interviewing them, certainly is something remarkable,
That's exactly what the entire fifth-grade at Maple Point Middle School did on the morning of Tuesday December 20. Nearly 400 seniors showed up for the first-ever 'Senior Soiree,' some on their own and others in buses from senior communities.
The guests were treated to mini-concerts from the Maple Point fifth-grade orchestra, choir and band. They were then invited to enjoy tables full of holiday food and refreshments provided by the fifth-grade families and staff of Maple Point. As they ate, each student interviewed at least three seniors, only one of whom could be a relative. The guests were asked for their names, where they live, their profession, and most importantly, what is their recipe for a happy, healthy and successful life. The answers ranged from staying in school to being kind to others and appreciating family.
In addition to the concerts and interviews, the seniors enjoyed hand-decorated holiday cards from the students.
Senior Soiree was the brainchild of Maple Point music teacher Wendy Robson, and was organized as a collaboration of staff members that included Pam O'Boyle, Bonnie Anderson, Belinda Rice, and Carol Mahoney, the entire fifth-grade staff and the music department.
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