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Imagine That! Gym Night celebrates Red and Blue

 Gym Night
Proving that everything Neshaminy does it does big, the 64th annual Gym Night dazzled sellout crowds at three shows March 3 and 4 2017. The colors were parted on Friday evening, and by the time they were re-joined on Saturday night, the community was treated to a spectacular display of costumes, props, dances, music, athletic skill, loud enthusiasm and a nail-biter of a finish that saw the Red team squeak their way to a 37-36 victory in the closest competition in recent memory. 
The theme was 'Imagine That,' and featured a variety of fictional characters and settings including Looney Tunes, Batman, Narnia, District 12 (Hunger Games), Harry Potter and more. A record number of students participated in Gym Night this year, which will be broadcast in full on NSDTV by mid-March. 
LINK: Friday photo gallery (Non-district spectator Facebook gallery) 
LINK: Saturday photo gallery (Non-district spectator Facebook gallery)