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A New Elementary School for Neshaminy

A New Elementary School for Neshaminy

Rendering of new school building

Early artist rendering of the new Core Creek Elementary School

Construction is under way at the Maple Point campus for a new $51 million, two-story, 119,000 square foot elementary school building scheduled for completion during the 2024-2025 school year. This project has been discussed and planned for a number of years as part of the District's Road Map plan to fill a geographical gap in the northern part of the district. Students in the upper Middletown Township and Langhorne area currently attend one of four elementary schools located in the Levittown area. The new school will host between 800-900 students and replace Pearl S. Buck Elementary School, which was opened in 1968. That building has not been significantly renovated since then, and a decision was made to construct the new school instead of spending the millions of dollars that would have been needed to renovate Buck and bring it up to modern standards of safety, efficiency and usefulness.

Site preparation began in 2022 and construction in the spring of 2023. The school (which will be named Core Creek Elementary School) will sit adjacent to, but separate from Maple Point Middle School. The parking lots and driveways will be configured to handle traffic from both schools, and traffic flow to and from the two schools will also benefit from road and intersection improvements by PennDOT under way on Woodbourne Road, Langhorne-Yardley Road and Bridgetown Pike. The building itself will feature state-of-the-art energy-efficient HVAC, electrical and lighting systems and a modern design with grade-level "pods" and common areas that encourage collaboration and group activities. The building was designed by the Spiezle architectural design firm, which was also responsible for the design of Tawanka Elementary School, completed in 2016.

Current plans (subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances) call for the school to be completed by December, 2024. Students and staff from Pearl S. Buck Elementary School will be moved to the new school following their winter break in January, 2025. Students from other catchment areas in the district that are to be moved to the new school will do so in September, 2025. Families in those areas will be informed of the changes in the fall of 2024.



Overlay map of the new school building and parking lots

Overlay map showing the location of the new elementary school building

Construction Aerial, April 2023

April, 2023

Construction Aerial, June 2023

June, 2023

Parking lot milling

Construction frame, July 2023

July, 2023

Building construction September 2023

September, 2023

Building Construction October 2023

October, 2023


December, 2023

Aerial photo of school construction site

March, 2024

Interior of Core Creek construction

March, 2024 showing the gymnasium area

Interior construction

March, 2024 showing interior 2nd & 3rd grade area

Building construction walkway

March, 2024 showing the walkway between building sections