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The We Build Futures Award

With the start of the 2017-2018 school year, Superintendent Joseph Jones III is pleased to introduce the Neshaminy We Build Futures Award, which will recognize individuals who either work to accomplish the district’s mission or make significant contribution toward advancing the implementation of the district strategic plan (2017-2021). This award will be symbolized by the hardhat pin shown below and will be given to deserving staff members to mark their achievements on an ongoing basis. 

Click on the recipient names to see their nomination comments.


October 2019 recipients

Karen Anderson, Denise McEwen, Christine Maronski and Jacqueline Natelli, Food Services Team, Tawanka Elementary School
Melissa Robison, School Resource Officer, Neshaminy School District and Middletown Township PD

September 2019 recipients

Justin Bursk, Art Teacher, Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Kevin Freeman, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Jesse Garber, community volunteer / photographer, Neshaminy School District
Kimberly Matyi, Kindergarten Teacher, Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Marisol Morales, 5th Grade Teacher, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Wendy Robson, Music Teacher, Maple Point Middle School
Bill Snow, Mechanic, Facilities Department


June 2019 recipients

 Derek Albarran, Assistant Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School


May 2019 recipients


Korine Backhaus, Learning Support Teacher, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Kathy Caretenuto, School Bus Driver, Transportation Department
Dr. Christine McKee, Pre-K Counts Coordinator, Pupil Services Department
Karen Morrow, Benefits Specialist, Human Resources Department
Steve Rodos, Community supporter and substitute teacher


March 2019 recipients


Jim Breslin, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Poquessing Middle School
Danielle Dyas, Teacher, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Bill Lever, Social Studies Teacher, Maple Point Middle School
Danielle Mancini, Teacher, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Anne-Marie Mettus, volunteer, Feasterville Rotary Club
Suzanne Pacitti, volunteer, Feasterville Rotary Club
Grant Passman, School Counselor, Poquessing Middle School
Jeff Rodos, Learning Support, Pearl S. Buck Elementary School
Kathy Rydzewski, Teacher, Tawanka Elementary School


February 2019 recipients

Suzanne DiCesare, Secretary to the Principal, Neshaminy High School
Rita Denis, Bucks County Intermediate Unit, Tawanka Elementary School
Dianne Ratka, Reces Aide, Tawanka Elementary School

January 2019 recipients

Jessica Giblin, Reading Specialist, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Kim Katona, Secretary to the Assistand Principal, Neshaminy High School
Cheryl Kornicki, Special Education Department, Neshaminy High School
Patricia Murray, Main Office Secretary, Neshaminy High School
Hank Oppenheimer, Science Teacher, Neshaminy High School
Donna Tull, IT Building Technician, Maple Point Middle School 


December 2018 recipients

Denise Buschmann, Health Aide, Poquessing Middle School and Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Debbie Chrobak, Secretary, Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Dawn Kelly, Principal, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Shirley Knauth, IT Support, Neshaminy School district
Tiffany Owens, Autistic Support and AVID Elective Teacher, Poquessing Middle School


November 2018 recipients

Joan Beerhalter, IT Support, Neshaminy School District
Janet Felkner, Bus Aide, Transportation Department
Henry Franz, Crossing Guard, Pearl S. Buck Elementary School
Christine Garcanz, IT Support, Neshaminy School District
Siri Sammartino, Business Teacher, Neshaminy High School
Jon Shiota, IT Support, Neshaminy School District


October 2018 recipients

Karen Blumenfeld, PTO President, Maple Point Middle School
Kym Cridland, Teacher, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Jan King, Lead Physical Education Teacher, Neshaminy High School
Gayla Schmitz, Instructional Assistant, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Anne Schmidt, Teacher and Department Chair, Maple Point Middle School
Brian Suter, Lead Teacher, Neshaminy High School


September 2018 recipients


Allison Crisp, Teacher, Tawanka Elementary School
Ron Falatovich, Maintenance Carpenter, Business Operations
Anthony Vizzino, Teacher, Carl Sandburg Middle School

Summer 2018 recipients


Charlie Barton, Bus Driver, Transportation Department
Trish Craig, Bus Driver, Transportation Department
Dot Laborde, Bus Driver, Transportation Department
Debby Spadaccino, Administrative Assistant, Superintendents Office

June 2018 recipients


Patience Burton, Guidance Counselor, Neshaminy High School
Susan Fennecken, Guidance Counselor, Neshaminy High School
Joann Holland, Principal, Poquessing Middle School
Dr. David Glennon, Principal, Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Joe McMahon, Head Custodian, Neshaminy High School
Bob Mueller, Assistant Principal, Neshaminy High School
Colleen Oetinger, ISS Aide, Neshaminy High School
Donald Palmer, Assistant Principal, Poquessing Middle School

May 2018 recipients


Carol Alexis, Nurse, Tawanka Elementary School
Jodi Arnold, Kindergarten teacher, Walter Miller Elementary School
Judy Brown, Principal, Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Monique D'Entremont, Reading Specialist, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Kimberly Maurizi, Title 1 Reading Specialist, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School
Patricia O'Brien, Mission One Instructional Assistant, Maple Point Middle School
Ashley Patrick, Music Teacher, Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Jesse Tunis, System Support Specialist, Tawanka Elementary School



April 2018 recipients


Paula Farr, English teacher, Poquessing Middle School
Gerald Gaines, playground aide, Pearl S. Buck Elementary School
Jennifer Gross, Title 1 teacher, Tawanka Elementary School
Sharon Marte, English teacher, Poquessing Middle School
Kimberly Ross, teacher, Tawanka Elementary School
Seleke Sesay, bus driver, Transportation Department


 February 2018 recipients:


Janet Aguilar, Nurse, Walter MIller Elementary School
Neil French, social studies teacher, Maple Point Middle School
Peggy Gale, guidance counselor, Maple Point Middle School
Linda Hujurick, 2nd grade teacher, Walter Miller Elementary School
Patty Jackson, 4th grade teacher, Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Adam Lorence, librarian & Lead Librarian K-12, Poquessing Middle School
Ruth Mowatt, instructional assistant, Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Todd Perry, Data Manager, Neshaminy School District


January 2018 recipients:

Courtney Duffy, Guidance Counselor, Tawanka Elementary School
Sarah Eppolito, Mission One Instructional Assistant, Tawanka Elementary School
James Hadley, Coordinator of Student Affairs at Maple Point Middle School
Kristeen Kuneck, special education teacher and department head at Maple Point Middle School
Jodi Musse, Head Custodian at Maple Point Middle School
Mary Ellen Pulak, Instructional Assistant, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School


December 2017 recipients:

Doug Cimino, fifth grade teacher at Poquesing Middle School
Brooke Lesser, Health & Physical Education teacher at Poquessing Middle School
Lisa Scott, social studies teacher at Poquessing Middle School
Jason Leigh,
 music teacher and choral director at Poquessing Middle School
Ingrid Beck, Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 teacher
Donna Jackson, in-school suspension aide, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Caitlin Koczinski, library media specialist and business education teacher, Carl Sandburg Middle School
Tim Lock, bus driver, Transportation Department
Kim Meinzer, bus driver, Transportation Department


November 2017 recipients:

Steve Simons, social studies teacher at Carl Sandburg Middle School
Colleen Stahl, K-5 Literary Coach, Neshaminy SD Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Department
Kimberly Clement, physical education teacher, Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Ryan Gregory, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Tawanka Elementary School
Leanne Raab, teacher at Pearl S. Buck Elementary School
Penny Mellor, custodian at Pearl S. Buck Elementary School
Tara Ring, physical education teacher at Herbert Hoover Elementary School
Amy Petrillo, Special Education Supervisor at Herbert Hoover Elementary School and NSD Pupil Services


October 2017 recipients:

Colin Trickel, Neshaminy High School Assistant Principal 
Dr. Gail Park, Literacy Coach at Neshaminy High School 
Chris CiCicco,
 English Teacher at Neshaminy High School 
Paul Meehan,
 Director of Administration for Neshaminy School District 
Chris Stanley,
 Community Relations Coordinator for Neshaminy School District 
Gail Gallagher, Instructional Aide at Maple Point Middle School 
Tedri Paris-Powell, teacher at Maple Point Middle School


September 2017 recipients:

At the September Public Work Session of the Neshaminy Board of School Directors, each board member was recognized for his or her volunteer efforts to help realize the district's mission:  Scott Congdon, Irene Boyle, Robert Burnett, Bob Feather, Mike Morris, Tina Hollenbach, Stephen Pirritano, Ron Rudy, and Marty Sullivan.


August 2017 recipients:

The first batch of We Build Futures pins were awarded during the district's administrators retreat in August.  District staff members acting as the team leaders for the newly formed Strategic Plan Implementation Teams were recognized. (These teams are made up of administrators, certified and support staff members, parents, students and community members): 


Strand I: Bob Boffa and Mary Beth Tecce
Strand II: Beth McGinty, Rob McGee and Anthony Devlin
Strand III: Barbara Markowitz, Peg Monahan, and Joe Rischow


During the teachers convocation that started the new school year on August 28, the following group of deserving individuals were recongized with a We Build Futures Award:

Lisa Pennington, Neshaminy HS Assistant Principal
Kathy Alford, 3rd-grade teacher at Walter Miller Elementary School
Steve McAloon, Staff Development/Data Specialist for Neshaminy School Districdt
Janice Meizinger, special education teacher at Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School
Bill Barnes, English teacher at Poquessing
Kathy Christie, Director of Technology for Neshaminy School District
Gloria Hancock, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment for Neshaminy School District 


Neshaminy pin