• “OTS” Online Training System

    The address for signing up for OTS is:


    You will log onto this with the same user ID and password as before, just a new link to find OTS.  You must use your Neshaminy e-mail address, OTS cannot send e-mails out of district.

    New teachers will need to contact Kathy Giambelluca in C&I at 215-809-6550 to activate an OTS account.


    Every Neshaminy teacher will be able to see upcoming workshops and register directly from the OTS site for workshops.  After logging onto the site, you will be able to choose the catalog that you need e.g. New Teacher Induction; Staff Development; After School Workshops; Summer Trade-Off Days; Curriculum Mapping, etc.


    For all teachers, it is very important to remember to change your profile on OTS if there is a change to your name or building location in order to secure proper Act 48 credit and trade-off day credit.  You must use your Neshaminy e-mail address to receive correspondence from OTS.

    All teachers attending a workshop will need to register their attendance on the OTS site, you cannot be notified of cancellations or change of location without being registered!


    Please feel free to call, if you have any questions.


    Thank you!


    Kathy Giambelluca