Advisor:  Mr. Dicicco  cdicicco@neshaminy.org
     Meeting Dates & Times:  Every other Wednesday (Two meetings a month)
     Place:  G215


    Diversity Pride Club seeks to foster an appreciation for Neshaminy’s cultural differences!

    Diversity Pride Club believes

    1. We should be proud of what makes us different—and that often those differences are how we identify.
    1. Our identity is important--not only to the individual but to the success of society, which, like Neshaminy, thrives on diversity.

    Diversity Pride Club strives

    -To have two meetings a month (every other Wednesday).

    -To have one meeting a month that is a Diversity Forum where members come together to discuss diversity issues, topics, concerns, what have you. Forums are a conversation, sometimes a discussion, and often educational!

    -To have one meeting a month for planning and/or for sharing anything that we believe spreads diversity. A film? A story? An album? Lemonade?

    -Once a marking period to hold have a Diversity Dinner where we celebrate our diversity with food, music, and bad karaoke.