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    Mission Statement

    It is our mission as World Language teachers to promote the use of student-centered, task-oriented learning environments where inquiry, problem-solving, thematic and cross-content links are featured side by side with the analysis of language systems.  Through this study, students will gain an appreciation for cultural diversity and the inspiration to become better world citizens.


    The basic goal of World Language study is to provide students with the opportunity to develop communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in another language. A logical learning sequence is provided so that teachers may help the students learn to build to the most important language skills of improvisation and free communication. It is also the intent of the World Language Department to provide occasions for observing other cultures.

    Courses are offered in French and Spanish. A student should maintain a "C" average in order to continue to the next level. Since knowledge of a second language and the ability to communicate effectively in that language develop over a long period of time, it is highly recommended that a student complete the fourth or fifth year of studying the chosen language.


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