• Language Arts & Reading at Neshaminy


    Boy reading a book
    "Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life."

    --Mortimer Adler

    At the elementary level instruction is delivered through a Balanced Literacy Framework that provides a comprehensive plan for instruction in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  Our teachers use the explicit instructional design of model, coach and apply (I do, we do, you do).  The gradual release of teacher support fosters independent learners.
    Balanced literacy includes:
    · Reading instruction
    · Word study
    · Independent reading
    · Writing instruction
    · Independent writing
    The instructional literacy block ranges from 145 minutes in first grade to 105 minutes in fifth grade. Kindergarten has 60 minutes of ELA daily.
    The programs and materials have been selected to meet the learning needs of children.
    In kindergarten and in grades 1 and 2, reading and writing instruction uses Superkids materials. In grades 3, 4, 5 and 6, Good Habits Great Readers is the “core” reading program. This innovative program consists of two strands of literacy learning (Guided Reading and Shared Reading).  When implementing both strands of this program teachers are using a balanced mix of whole group, small group, and independent reading designed to provide comprehensive literacy learning for students.
    Writing Fundamentals is a structured writing program used in grades 3, 4 and 5 that begins by immersing students in the writing process. Four additional units integrate writing various genres such as biography, memoir, feature article, etc. and grammar lessons.
    The Vocabulary Workshop series supports writing by expanding the acquisition of new words through instruction using non-fiction text.
    ELA and social studies instruction at the secondary level is delivered in a traditional setting with continuing efforts to increase the use of feedback and formative assessment to meet targeted student needs.

    Reading/Language Arts Lead Teacher
    Academic Coach
    Colleen Stahl
    (215) 809-6564

    Middle School Reading Specialists
    Maple Point - Allison Berry & Margie Crooks
    Poquessing - Cheryl Riddell
    Carl Sandburg- Jessica Giblin

    Elementary School Literacy Specialist
    Pearl Buck - Cara Buttari
    Joesph Ferderbar - Linda Baker
    Herbert Hoover - Ben Welwood
    Walter Miller - Catherine Riley
    Albert Schweitzer - Monique d'Entremont
    Tawanka - Jen Gross & Jenny Connolly

    Title 1 Teachers
    Joseph Ferderbar - Pam Haggerty
    Herbert Hoover - Joan Brooks
    Walter Miller - Kelly Dougherty
    Albert Schneitzer - Kim Maurizi
    Tawanka - Allison deFortuna