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June 26, 2003

The Neshaminy Board of School Directors met in public session on June 26, 2003, at Pearl Buck Elementary School Auditorium.  The following persons were in attendance:



Mrs. June R. Bostwick, President


Mrs. Yvonne V. Butville
Ms. Carol A. Drioli*
Mr. Steven E. Schoenstadt

Dr. Raymond J. Boccuti
Mr. Harry P. Jones
Mr. Richard S. Marotto

Mr. Michael A. Soifer

Mr. Joseph V. Paradise

Dr. William H. Spitz


Mr. Edward T. Stack


Mr. Richard M. Eccles

OTHERS:  Approximately 75 persons from the public, staff and press

Mrs. Kimberly A. Jowett


SECRETARY:  Mrs. Anita E. Walls

SOLICITOR: Thomas E. Profy, III, Esquire

 *arrived at meeting 8:10 p.m.



 Call to Order

Mrs. Bostwick called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Mrs. Bostwick requested those in attendance join in the salute to the flag.  


Dr. Boccuti reported with great sadness that Karen Jasper, teacher who was deeply respected at Ferderbar Elementary School and a past president of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers, lost her battle with cancer.  Dr. Boccuti noted that Karen had touched many lives over her outstanding career.  She will be missed by many students, parents, staff and community members.  She was a model of enthusiasm, confidence, leadership and professionalism and our condolences are extended to her family and friends at this difficult time.  Dr. Boccuti asked everyone in the audience to stand for a moment of silence.

Public Comment

Mr. Michael Gaul, Hamlet Road, advised that he was not in attendance as his capacity of Middletown Supervisor, but as a grandparent who has children in Neshaminy schools, a taxpayer and someone who involves himself in politics.  Mr. Gaul advised that the election has told the board to stop and have a referendum.  Mr. Gaul feels that the public perception is that the board is being arrogant and ignoring the wishes of the voters.  Mr. Gaul is concerned about the survey and the amount sent to each household.  Mr. Gaul feels that people do not vote in many cases because people who are involved in �politics� ignore the results of the voters.  Mr. Gaul feels that the project is being rushed without the knowledge of what type of funding will be received by districts from the state.  Mr. Gaul stated that this board will get the bonds issued, architectural plans will be done, but you will not get the high school built, and the new board will stop same.  Mr. Gaul feels if the intent is to steer away from political contributions to a bond underwriter and architect then he feels the board is headed in the right direction, however, but if you the board really want a high school built the board did not really sell this plan, and it needs to be taken back to the public in the form of a referendum.  Mr. Gaul has tried to get the vote out, but situations like this defeat Mr. Gaul, because when people do not come out to vote it is not because they are happy with the situation.

Mrs. Doris Rielly, Feasterville, PA, reiterated that this is a community made up of people of all ages.  Senior citizens cannot afford to have their taxes raised so high that they need to move.  Mrs. Reilly sees no reason for a survey.  Why spend $30,000 - $50,000 for something that people have already let the board know what they want.

Mr. Gil Howland, Langhorne, PA, was aware that it was a budget night and things should be prioritized.  Mr. Howland noted that he has taken a look at the budget document titled General Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets 2003-2004 and Mr. Howland stated that for weeks he has heard nothing other then the school is falling apart.  Mr. Howland noted that Facilities Improvement Service .9%.  Mr. Howland questioned if that was for maintenance.  Mr. Howland feels that more money needs to be spent on maintenance.  Teachers are receiving too many benefits.  Mr. Howland�s social security benefit increased this year by $6.00.

Mr. Rich Webb, Levittown, PA, addressed the survey the board is considering.  Mr. Webb understands that the board wishes to conduct a survey by mailing a questionnaire to all the Neshaminy residents and taxpayers at a cost of about $30,000 - $60,000.  With the results of the survey the board will use to justify floating a bond to either repair or build a school, depending on the results.  Mr. Webb reviewed Act 34 and requires by law a referendum or public survey.  The purpose of Act 34 is to get consent of the electors to incur debt.  Mr. Webb stated that Websters dictionary and Mr. Webb believes the law describes electors as one qualified to vote in an election.  If that is true, how can the survey sent to every home or taxpayer satisfy the electoral requirement.  How do you know that only qualified electors will fill out the survey?  How do you know that there will be no duplications or political influences?  Mr. Webb is sure that is why the law requires a referendum or public meeting.  There is no control with a survey.  Only a referendum can secure that qualified electors are given consent to the board to incur debt as stated in Act 34.  The voting booths are open to everyone that is registered in the district.  The booths are private, and no one is intimidated.  There is complete control and honesty will not be questioned.  A referendum will cost the taxpayers nothing and will save the taxpayers $30,000 - $60,000 which is the cost of the survey.  Mr. Webb stated that voting is as American as it gets.  Mr. Webb asked the board to rethink this issue, and let the people decide at the polls.  Mr. Webb noted that if the board does not, it will be argued that the results whether for the school or whether for rebuilding will be tainted, and that will be the public perception.

Mr. Alden Thorpe, Levittown, PA, stated that he is very proud of Ms. Drioli because she stood up for what is right.  Mr. Thorpe noted that the public has spoken.  Mr. Thorpe feels that if the board spends $30,000 - $60,000 for the survey the board is not representing the taxpayer.  Mr. Thorpe wants the board to wait and place a referendum on the ballot.  Mr. Thorpe feels that the survey being done in the middle of the summer will have a poor response, 2%-3%, and the wording of the survey will determine how the votes will come in. 

Mr. Mark Geist, Oakford, PA, is a cleaner a Maple Point.  Mr. Geist has a problem with the survey because he feels that the survey will not be accurate because people can obtain surveys from their friends and families, fill out all those surveys, and you have one person voting four or five times. 

Mr. Howard Lindner, Langhorne, PA noted that the board has lost the trust of the people.  Mr. Lindner noted that at the last meetings he has heard Mr. Schoenstadt and Mrs. Butville state that we were elected to represent the people.  That was fine, but at the last primary election the people voted and they do not want them representing the public anymore.  Mr. Lindner noted that Mr. Stack was appointed.  Mr. Lindner suggested that Mrs. Butville, Mr. Schoenstadt and Mr. Stack resign and appoint the people who are going to take office in December, and they will have the vote and public support.  Mr. Lindner noted that he walked the district four times and knocked on almost every door, and Mr. Lindner stated that it is 80% to 20% that do not want a new school. 

Mrs. Kostar, Langhorne, PA, spoke regarding Governor Rendells plan for a new Pennsylvania and Mrs. Kostar is asking the school board to slow the process down.  Mrs. Kostar read the following excerpt from the newspaper:  Governor Rendell has pledged to raise the states share of funding for public education to more then 50%.  Now he wants to ease another burden on local taxpayers.  Bank rolling school construction costs.  Rendell proposed the week of June 14th that the state play a larger roll in helping school districts pay for millions of dollars in construction costs for new schools, additions and renovations.  He made a pitch at a news conference where the Pennsylvania School Boards Association endorsed the governors education initiative details in a plan for a new Pennsylvania.  Under the plan Rendell would provide more state money to pay for early childhood education and reduce class sizes.  We understand that this plan may create the need for more school construction in the districts, that is why we intend to generate more state money for construction funding.  Mrs. Kostar feels that if the board approves everything now, the district will loose the additional money that could be approved by this states budget.  Mrs. Kostar noted that the amounts of 12%-20% has been quoted at prior meetings.  If it is approved that the state is going to approve more funding, this school district could loose the additional money that could go for renovations or new schools.  Mrs. Kostar is asking the board to slow the process the down.  Do not go through with the survey, which is a waste of money of the taxpayers, which could be used for AE teachers, music program, which is being cut, etc.  Mrs. Kostar would like the board to have the referendum that the voters approved for.  Mrs. Kostar has been waiting since graduation and questioned Mr. Stack regarding the following statement:  School is like a lollipop, it sucks until its over.  Mrs. Kostar noted that she went to high school and it was important and she enjoyed every minute of it. 

Mr. Joe Robb, Langhorne, PA, advised that he agrees with a Courier Times article which ran today by Dr. Henry Pearlberg.  Dr. Pearlberg spoke with Mr. Robb personally at Mr. Nelsons retirement dinner about this article.  He is a gentleman that has helped this district immensely.  Dr. Pearlberg hired myself and Dr. Boccuti.  He is a person who would stand up for things and not let the political agendas influence him.  Unfortunately, there is a large political agenda within this district.  Mr. Robb stated that all of the board members know the right thing to do.  That is what will save this community millions of dollars in the next 3, 4, 5 years just in maintenance and upkeep of that building.  Mr. Robb compared the high school to an old car.  Mr. Robb feels that a referendum is not necessary and neither is a survey, because all of the board members have been voted onto this board and are still in office until November.  Mr. Robb feels it is time to make the decision and not let the political agenda, 30-40 people that come to every meeting, sway this board.  Mr. Robb noted that there is a silent majority who is afraid to speak, and they do not like to tangle with Mr. Lindner and his group.  Mr. Robb stated that what Mr. Lindner did this evening is a disgrace to this community.  Mr. Lindner does not need to chastise people who are trying to do things for this community. The senior citizens in this community are not represented by the senior citizens that are here. 

Mrs. Perla Malik, Langhorne, PA concerned about the intention to cut funds for the AE program.  Mrs. Malik is an immigrant coming to this country trying to offer her children better opportunities.  Mrs. Malik has a difficult time understanding why instead of enhancing the programs and bettering the students, the district is cutting funds to bring them down and not give the opportunity to the AE students.  Mrs. Malik stated that at the first PAGE meeting she attended she found that some schools only have 3-4 gifted students which could be due to the school having a part-time teacher who does not have the time.  Mrs. Malik asked the board to reconsider the decision and give the students a better opportunity.

Mr. Charles Duke, Elm Avenue, brought 130 signatures in support of the AE program.  Mr. Dukes daughter attends Oliver Heckman and has been apart of the AE program since 2nd grade.  Mr. Duke noted that when the special needs of students are considered the focus is put on the disadvantaged.  Mr. Duke noted that it is just as important to look for opportunities to find ways to enhance and support those children who are gifted.  To often it is forgotten that these students will be the future leaders and bright stars of the community.  The opportunity needs to be taken to invest in their future.  The program provides a great challenge to the students who in other classes would be bored.  Mr. Duke advised that Heckman is very blessed to have Shelly Rosen who provides great guidance, is a mentor to the students, and a great role model.  The students are a team, calling each other for advice, becoming leaders in their own right.  Mr. Duke noted that the AE program is much more than challenging bright students, it develops bright stars.  In conclusion, Mr. Duke feels that the money he spent to get his daughter privately tested in 2nd grade was the best money ever spent.  Mr. Duke asked the board to reconsider and accept the signatures in support of the program.

Mr. Paul Schneider, Langhorne, PA, noted that over the past year the board has spent a great deal of taxpayer money on mailings, videos, meetings, all of which have carried the message that this district needs a new high school.  Now that it has failed, by an overwhelming majority, probably a greater voter turnout than elected anyone on this board, there is an inclination to spend more money on a survey.  It will be flawed.  Mr. Schneider is not in favor of increased taxes, more efficient operations are a possibility.  Mr. Schneider would like to see the money go to the enrichment program and not to surveys for what people have already said they do not need. 

Mr. Tom Gallagher, Levittown, PA, read in the paper about 40 concerned citizens spoke out against the cell tower issue.  Obviously, that is less then 20% of the residents of that area.  Using some of this Boards logic that must mean that 80% of that area is in favor of the cell tower.  Mr. Gallagher questioned when will the construction begin of the cell tower, or will a survey be sent on that issue.  This district has already spent $1.5M on this high school project and now wants to spend another $50,000 on a survey.  Three mailings have cost $30,000 each.  Mr. Gallagher noted that a motion is already prepared for an Act 34 meeting to be held on August 26th.  Mr. Gallagher questioned what about the results of the survey.  Mr. Gallagher noted that the only answer to this issue is put it on the ballot and let everyone vote on it, make it a referendum and listen to the people. 

Mr. Bill Linenberg, advised that he is 85 with 11 grandchildren.  Mr. Linenberg stated that he plays pool and it is not the stick, but the man behind the stick, it is not the school, but the teacher.  Mr. Linenberg stated that the proper teachers are needed.  Mr. Linenberg also quoted information from the Rendell letter.  Mr. Linenberg does not believe that the district needs a new high school.  Mr. Linenberg questioned how many people will need to sell their homes because they cannot afford same.  Mr. Linenberg stated to renovate the schools and provide better maintenance. 

Mr. Brian Lillie, Langhorne, PA, stated that he is a 54 year resident of Lower Bucks and a 26 year resident of Neshaminy School District.  Mr. Lillie commented that he has heard many comments this evening that the primary election is a mandate to tell the board not to proceed.  Mr. Lillie stated that when he went to school he learned that primaries were private functions held for the privilege of the political parties, not everyone was out to vote, nor are they allowed to vote across party lines.  Mr. Lillie was personally not allowed to vote because he is registered independent.  Primaries are not an election, nor will they ever be an election.  Mr. Lillie stated that there is no need for a referendum; everyone knows what the right thing to do is.  Mr. Lillie stated that there was no referendum for the new township building, which was a major expenditure in the township; no referendum for the senior citizen building planned to be built.  Referendums are not needed to proceed with required capital expenditures.  Mr. Lillie noted that the school board does not set taxes.  Tax policies are dictated by the county commissioners and the state representatives.  The fact that property taxes are used to fund the schools is an issue that needs to be taken up with our state representatives, not with the school board.  The outcry that we hear from a few people is just that, a few people.  Everyone has the expectation that this board will do the right thing.  People understand that a new building needs to occur.  More than one-half of this township are new buildings.  Mr. Lillie noted that the state wants districts to build new buildings by providing financial incentives to build new buildings at a higher percentage than renovations.  The state understands the value of a new building.  Mr. Lillie stated that it has been two years, it is time to move on a hold of the Act 34 hearing.  Provide a school that is safe and provide for the future in a healthy, safe environment.  Mr. Lillie stressed that the new school is the cheapest way to proceed over the next thirty years.

Mr. Leo Farrell, Langhorne, PA, moved into Flowers Mill about one and half years ago and he paid $200,000 plus for his home.  Mr. Farrell is concerned about his tax bill.  Many people paid $300,000 plus for their homes and they are paying higher taxes.  Mr. Farrell noted that Flowers Mill has over 650 homes and there are no children attending Neshaminy schools.  Mr. Farrell noted that the district has the goose that has laid the golden egg.

Mr. Solis Basen, Langhorne, PA, noted that many of the people in favor of a new school will not have children in the system by the time it is built, but will have the thirty year noose around their neck.  Regarding the senior citizens, granted some of the seniors can afford the tax increase, but Mr. Basen feels that a majority of them cannot. 

Mr. Mel Gindin, Langhorne, PA, noted that it is really nice to hear good things that are happening in the classrooms and good things about the teachers.  Mr. Gindin is glad to see people fighting for the programs.  Mr. Gindin is tired of hearing about teacher bashing.  Mr. Gindin stated that if anyone can read, thank a teacher.  Mr. Gindin has heard the term long term and Mr. Gindin believes that there is supposed to be a reassessment of properties every couple years.  Langhorne has not been reassessed in over thirty years.  The county is in violation of the law.  Mr. Gindin believes that the Court will force this county to reassess.  The impact will be simple.  For those who bought houses 10, 15, 20 years ago, and paid $50,000 they are now selling at $250,000.  When that house is reassessed at the current rates your taxes will go from $2,500 to $6,000-$7,000 a year and that is guaranteed.  The school board is asking for $100M for a new building.  Students will be in the building thirty months.  The public will pay for that for 25 years, plus your assessment, plus whatever contract costs for the district entail.  Mr. Gindin is thinking long term and hopefully the community thinks long term because the assessment situation is a major political issue.  The courts will step in and force this county to reassess.  Mr. Gindin is not worried about reassessment.  His home is assessed at the current value. 

Mrs. Betsy Carr, Langhorne, PA, thanked parents who have been involved in the AE program and in bringing some of the issues to the boards attention.  Mrs. Carr has been attending board meetings fairly regularly since the spring and the beginning of the discussions of the proposed cuts to the AE program.  Some nagging questions have yet to be asked by the board or addressed by the administration, which are essential to the important decisions that the board is about to make.  Why have the numbers of students in the AE program plummeted over the past four to five years, with six of the elementary schools sharing teachers?  Why would the district make the decision to eliminate supports in the program without uncovering the reasons?  Mrs. Carr challenged the board to find out what goes on in the schools that have both full and part-time teachers, collect hard numbers from the administration on those students who have been waiting to be tested, those identified from standardized testing and await summer testing and make the commitment to test those students in a consistent, timely manner.  Mrs. Carr wanted to draw the boards attention to the packet sent to every board member from Susan Reardon, a parent in the district, as well as the pink fact sheet circulated at the board meeting in May.  There are remaining areas of Chapter 16 noncompliance.  In the buildings that do not have full time teachers there appears to be an inconsistent evaluation and screening of kindergartners and first graders.  There is considerable evidence to suggest that there are inconsistencies in testing procedures, mandated parent notification, and variance in cut offs from testing.  The absence of math enrichment in the middle schools and high school level program.  Mrs. Carr noted that there is a desire for excellence, however, a reluctance to spur on students who demonstrate a proficiency and to encourage them to exceed proficiency levels.  Mrs. Carr noted that in Neshaminy proficiency is good enough.  Often top students under achieve when not challenged.  Mrs. Carr respectfully asked the board to delay the cuts and again allow concerned parents and knowledgeable teachers to be part of the solution.  Mrs. Carr quoted Carol Ann Tomlinson, a University of Virginia professor and president of the National Association for Gifted Children, Ensure that we raise the ceiling of performance as fervently as we raise the floor.

Ms. Maggie Carr, Langhorne, PA, recent graduate of Neshaminy Middle School advised that the recent cuts to the AE program were shocking to her.  Ms. Carr noted that she was always a little different then other kids, always separate because she knew about and could do things that others could not.  Maggie admits it; she was weird.  Very few people understood her different style of learning, but AE provided an opportunity for her to learn and interact with people that were like her.  Around fellow AE students she did not need to worry about fitting in.  The things that she did in AE were very different than what was done in the standard classroom.  Maggie stated that substances were taken apart to discover there origins, took apart computers and toaster ovens, traveled to the PA Renaissance Faire, wrote and published their own books and went into literary masterpieces such as the Raven and Twelfth Night more in depth then some honors classes Maggie has taken.  Through AE Maggie has spread her wings and has learned and grew.  Maggie has great memories of her time spent in the AE program.  Maggie is not a taxpayer, but losing half of a teacher would destroy what makes this program special.  Our President stated to leave no child left behind and that includes the gifted students.

Ms. Katie Eissler, Langhorne, PA, recently graduated from Neshaminy Middle School.  Katie was in her first AE class in 5th grade.  The entire AE process has taught her much information and material about life and about herself and her potentials.  It was one of the only classes that she could learn and have fun at the same time.  AE helped her to experience new things that will help her throughout the rest of her schooling and life.  It provides a new way of learning that is more interesting and involved.  It is about using your own mind to expand your own horizons.  It is not always about the textbooks, but it is about preparing Neshaminy students for the future.  Katie feels prepared and confident for the road ahead of her and she owes a great deal of that to the AE program and the things she has experienced through it.  This program makes our district a district and our community a community.  Ms. Eissler asked the board to reconsider the cuts in the AE program.

Ms. Clare Reardon, Langhorne, PA, is 11 years old and has been in the AE program for four years.  Clare stated that in second grade they wrote and performed a play, designed the sets and brought in our own props.  In third grade they wrote and illustrated their own books and read them out loud.  In fourth grade they studied leaves and trees and in fifth grade they put on the play Hamlet with customs and scripts.  Clare continued to explain to the board things that she encountered with the AE program.  Clare is a perfectionist and takes a long time with her work to make sure it turns out great.  Clare is very glad that she got into the AE program.  Clare hopes that her three younger siblings get into the AE program and have the same experiences that she did.

Ms. Cressa Perloff, Langhorne, PA, finished her sophomore year at George School and attended Oliver Heckman Elementary School and Neshaminy Middle up until 8th grade.  Ms. Perloff noted that the AE and AE math programs encourage students to explore thinking in ways different than the norm, in ways that may be the natural way for those individuals to think.  Ms. Perloff decided to go to George School because they do encourage this type of thinking outside the box, and for the academics.  Ms. Perloff is finally in math classes taught at my own level.  Ms. Perloff has not been able to enjoy since elementary school AE math, since middle school does not provide AE math classes.  Ms. Perloff encouraged the board not to cut anything from the AE programs.  If it is not broken, do not fix it, give it more.

Mrs. Rhonda Fister, Langhorne, PA, thanked the AE teachers for addressing the needs of students bored in math.  Mrs. Fisters son stated he was on top of the world today, because I was challenged and we learned something new in math for the first time almost all year.  Mrs. Sotille could not do that because she already spends one day at another school.  She could not meet the needs of these very unique children.  There are over 125 students on the waiting list; some of them are past the sixty days.  Most of the time when you have one gifted child in the family, most of the time the other children are as well.  Mrs. Fister encourages the board that before you look at these cuts, why do we have these identification issues and wait lists.  Mrs. Fister noted that a quota had been met in one elementary school of three students.  Mrs. Fister also supports a new high school.  

Superintendents Report

Dr. Boccuti reported that summertime is preparation for the upcoming school year, but also a time for professional staff development and this year the teachers will be working in over 100 professional staff development programs.  All of the workshops have been prepared in-house by the lead teachers.  Dr. Boccuti can assure everyone that in the other school districts in Bucks County quite a bit of money is spent bringing in outside consultants.  Neshaminy, however, performs all this in-house by the lead teachers.  Dr. Boccuti thanked all the lead teachers for their hard work.

Dr. Boccuti advised that the summer fine arts program has begun, consisting of instrumental music, art, and summer stock.  Summer school has also begun at the high school.

Approval of Minutes

Upon motion of Mr. Soifer and seconded by Mr. Schoenstadt the Board approved the minutes of the May 27, 2003 Public Meeting by a vote of seven to zero.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Approval of Treasurers Report, Bills for Payment, Investments, and Exonerations of Personal and Per Capita Tax Mr. Paradise presented the following for approval:

         May 31, 2003 Treasurers Report, subject to audit

         Bills for payment Check Register May 2003

         Two Escrow Funds and Four Investment Funds

         Budget Transfer Report 03-8 (Working Copy)

         Personal and per capita tax exonerations for May 2003 totaling 99 exonerations

Mr. Soifer moved the May 2003 Treasurers Report be approved, subject to audit, the May 2003 bills for payment, Budget Transfer Report 03-8 (Working Copy), and personal and per capita tax exonerations be approved.  Mr. Schoenstadt seconded the motion.

The Board approved the Treasurers Report, subject to audit, bills for payment, Budget Transfer Report 03-8 (Working Copy) and exonerations of personal and per capita tax with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Approval of Bids

Mr. Paradise presented the following bids for approval:

Bid No. 03-29 Data Center Electrical Upgrade (Installation)

Bid Amount:  $26,504.00

Installation of electrical equipment awarded under Bid #03-31.

Bid No. 03-31 Data Center Electrical Upgrade

Bid Amount:  $46,146.00

The bid is for electrical equipment for District Office Data Center to replace existing main power equipment and add a back-up power capability.

Mr. Soifer moved the two bids be approved and Mrs. Butville seconded the motion.

The Board approved the two bids with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Certified and Support Personnel Actions

Dr. Boccuti presented the following for approval:

         Elections Certified Personnel

         Resignations and Leaves of Absence Certified Personnel

         Elections Support Personnel

         Resignations and Leaves of Absence Support Personnel

         Sabbatical Leaves

         Summer School Staff

Dr. Boccuti noted on page H-1 the appointment of two administrative appointments, Ms. Judith Katz-Brown for the position of Assistant Principal at Poquessing Middle School and Mr. John Metz appointed to the Assistant Principal at Maple Point Middle School.

Mr. Soifer questioned a federation leave on page H-4 and Dr. Boccuti advised that it is a leave that has been in place for a few years within the district and there is no cost to the school district for that leave.

Dr. Boccuti recommended the approval of the personnel report for certified and support personnel. 

Mr. Stack seconded the motion.

The Board approved the personnel actions with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion: Approval of Bucks County Technical High School 2003-2004 Budget

Mrs. Butville presented the following motion:

                WHEREAS, in order to provide technical high school education for students, six Lower Bucks County School Districts cooperatively established the Bucks County Technical High School; an 

                WHEREAS, each participating school district must annually approve the Technical High Schools annual budget.

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors approves the 2003-2004 Bucks County Technical High School budget in the amount of $14,636,005 with the Neshaminy School District 2003-2004 net fiscal payment to be $2,018,770.

Dr. Spitz seconded the motion.

Mr. Soifer questioned whether the figures could change due to the reopening of negotiations and how can this board vote on a budget not knowing what the contract will entail.  Dr. Spitz informed that the amount being further negotiated amounts to approximately $25,000 total and Neshaminys share would be accordingly 

Ms. Drioli stated that this is the budget that was approved and should the renegotiating change the figures, then we would have the opportunity to reject same.

Mrs. Butville noted that at this point there is no contract, however, school will open.  Teachers have a contract; this contract is for the support staff.

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Tax and Revenue Anticipation Note

Ms. Drioli presented the following motion:

Under the authority of Act 52 of 1978, The Local Government Unit Debt Act and the Internal Revenue Code, the Neshaminy School District is permitted to borrow an amount of money up to its cumulative cash flow deficit.  The Districts 2003-2004 cumulative cash flow deficit has been projected to be $14,163,524.  The Business Office has requested quotations from banks and other financial institutions.

I, therefore, move the following:

TO CERTIFY the projected cumulative cash flow deficit at $14,163,524 for the 2003-2004 fiscal year; and 

TO ACCEPT the proposal from Boenning & Scattergood to borrow the amount of $13,866,000 on July 11, 2003, maturing on September 15, 2003, at a net interest cost of 1.2% per annum; and 

TO OBTAIN a written legal opinion from the School District Solicitor as to the legality and validity of the Note and other legal matters pertaining to the issuance of the Note pursuant to the proposal from Boenning & Scattergood; and

TO AUTHORIZE the officers of the Neshaminy Board of School Directors and the Business Administrator, subject to the written legal opinion from the School District Solicitor, to execute the necessary documents for completion and issuance of the Note.

Mr. Schoenstadt seconded the motion.

Mr. Soifer wanted the public to understand that this motion was for a pre-payment of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield obligations in order for the district to save approximately $500,000.

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Budgetary Increase for Federal and Other Programs for 2003-2003

Mr. Soifer presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, each year the Neshaminy Board of School Directors, in accordance with instructions from the Auditor Generals office, must increase its receipts and expenditures budget by the total amount of other programs; and

                WHEREAS, this amount represents previously approved federal and other special program receipts and expenditures for the current fiscal year.

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOVLED, that the total 2002-2003 adjusted budget of all funds with this increase will total $128,916,238.  Corresponding amounts should be added to both the revenue and expenditure side of the budget as indicated on the attached document.

Mr. Stack seconded the motion. 

Mr. Paradise noted that this is a standard motion at this time of year at which time the district goes back and adds all of the optional programs during the course of the year and it is basically an accounting function to add them back into the budget.

Dr. Spitz noted that this reflects almost $2M worth of grants that the district has obtained from federal and other sources and it does not reflect any sort of tax increase or expenditure increase.

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion: Board Policy 519 Surveys of Students; Board Policy 521 Health Examinations/Screenings

Mr. Soifer presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, new policies are recommended by the administration to the Board Policies for review; and

WHEREAS, after review by the Board Policies Committee the District is ready to recommend:

                New Policy 519  - Surveys of Students

                New Policy 521 Health Examinations/Screenings; and

WHEREAS, adoption and approval of these policies will meet requirements defined in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that said Policies be approved by the Neshaminy Board of School Directors.

Mrs. Butville seconded the motion. 

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Year-End Budget Transfers

Dr. Spitz presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, Section 687 of the Public School Code of 1949 requires that line item sums appropriated to specific purposes in the budget not be exceeded; and

WHEREAS, under the school accounting system, line items have been determined to be major object levels within specific subfunctions; and

WHEREAS, year-end adjustments by the business office and auditors may cause such line items to be exceeded.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors, in accordance with directions from the Auditor Generals office, authorizes the administration to make those necessary budget transfers within and between accounts to prevent any possible over expenditure without exceeding the total budget for 2002-2003.

Mr. Stack seconded the motion.

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Tax Year 2004 Assessment Appeals

Mr. Stack presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, the Tax Year 2004 Assessment Appeals for the following properties have been recommended by the School District Solicitor and George R. Sengpiel, MAI, Appraiser for the School District; and

WHEREAS, said appeals must be filed by the School District with the Board of Assessment Appeals of Bucks County, on or prior to August 1, 2003, as required by law.

            Buck Road Executive Suites, LLC                  TMP#21-001-012-067 & 21-001-012-068

            1985 Bridgetown Pike                                    TMP#21-020-035-002

            Ches Properties, LLC            `                        TMP#22-031-103

            Heathergate Complex                                     TMP#22-040-015

            Commercial Net Lease Realty                         TMP#22-057-022-002

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors approve the filing of the above listed five 2004 Tax Year Assessment Appeals with the Board of Assessment Appeals of Bucks County.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board authorizes the Business Administrator and Solicitor to file said appeals on or prior to August 1, 2003, and to take all such other action as required by law.

Dr. Spitz seconded the motion.

The Board approved the motion with seven ayes and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Taxpayer Survey and Analysis

Dr. Spitz presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, the Neshaminy Board of School Directors wishes to request the opinions of taxpayers concerning the proposed building plans for the Neshaminy High School; and

WHEREAS, the Board will as part of this mailing, distribute an explanation of the options to renovate versus building new; and

WHEREAS, the Board will further utilize the services of a mailing house to deliver both the explanation and a survey option response form to each home within the district.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors engage the services of Sales Qualifiers, a CKC Enterprises, Ltd Company, Cleveland, Ohio, to oversee the project, including set-up, programming for taxpayer responses, tabulation, reporting and analysis.  It is estimated that the exact cost of this contract will depend on the number of responses received, but will not exceed $50,000.

Mr. Stack seconded the motion.

Mr. Soifer noted that there is a third option and that is to do neither and just do the necessary repairs until the decision can be made which course of action to take and what the total costs will be regarding all the facilities within this district.   Mr. Soifer noted that until he does not see the full numbers he cannot support this motion.

Dr. Spitz stated that he is in favor of the survey because he would like to see what a majority of the population wants to do.  Many of the people in favor of a referendum have stated that they do not want a new high school, so in fact, they should not be in favor of a referendum either.  Dr. Spitz can appreciate the opinions that the public does not want a new high school, however, something needs to be done.  Dr. Spitz noted that the per capita tax rolls will be used to distribute the survey.  Dr. Spitz noted that if there is a reasonable response that comes back strongly that people support spending money for renovations, instead of a new high school, then he will not vote for a new high school.

Ms. Drioli inquired of the Solicitor whether it was correct that there was a law requiring a referendum and would a referendum be free to the district.

Mr. Profy stated that there is no requirement of a referendum.  Act 34 requires a hearing if there is not a referendum on the occurrence of the debt.  If you incur the debt without a referendum then you have the hearing under Act 34.  Mr. Profy noted that if there was a filing fee to get the referendum question on the ballot it would be a diminimous cost.

Mrs. Butville stated that everyone on this board has looked at all the information, spent hours on what needs to be done and everyone on this board has stated that a new high school is the best way to go.  Mrs. Butville is convinced that it is the best way not just for the students, but the taxpayers.  Renovations to the present footprint there are still so many inefficiencies that will exist after the renovations.  Mrs. Butville does not feel that the primary stated specifically what the public wanted.  If this is a way to get more public involved and get the answer that the public wants to give us then she is in favor of a survey.

Mrs. Bostwick stated that she is convinced that the new building is the most effective way to proceed.  Mrs. Bostwick feels that the choices that the district has now will not be available in 25 years from now.  The district will be paying twice as much for half the school.  Mrs. Bostwick wants that school to be constructed.  The teachers have had input into the design, health and safety issues have been taken into account and Mrs. Bostwick feels that it is the best solution for this community in the long run.

Mrs. Bostwick requested a roll call vote be taken.  The Board approved the motion with five ayes (Mr. Stack, Dr. Spitz, Mr. Schoenstadt, Mrs. Butville and Mrs. Bostwick) and two nays (Mr. Soifer and Ms. Drioli).  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Act 34 Hearing

Mrs. Butville presented the following motion:

                      WHEREAS, the Neshaminy Board of School Directors wishes to move forward with the building plans for the Neshaminy High School; and

WHEREAS, the Board has submitted Plancon A & B to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the date of Tuesday, August 26, 2003, be set for a formal Act 34 of 1973 Public Hearing on the construction plans for the Neshaminy High School.

Mr. Schoenstadt seconded the motion.

Dr. Boccuti advised that the date set is for an Act 34 hearing which is required by the PA Department of Education to formally present the information to the public so that the school board can then go ahead and proceed to make a decision on the new high school.  All of the meetings that the district has had up until this point, the community advisory group, the steering committee, the meetings at the various schools, etc. have all been extra.  They have not been required by the Department of Education.  The Solicitor confirmed that Dr. Boccutis statement is correct.

Dr. Spitz pointed out that the proposed date for the Act 34 date will be well after the results of the survey.

Mrs. Bostwick suggested that the business part of the meeting with a short agenda take place before the Act 34 hearing. 

Mr. Soifer raised a concern regarding the timing of the Act 34 hearing being during the highest vacation time period.   Mr. Soifer suggested the Act 34 meeting take place in September.

Mrs. Bostwick requested a roll call vote be taken on the motion scheduling the Act 34 hearing for August 26th.  The motion failed with four nays (Mrs. Bostwick, Ms. Drioli, Mr. Soifer and Dr. Spitz) and three ayes (Mrs. Butville, Mr. Schoenstadt and Mr. Stack).  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Mr. Stack made a motion to amend the motion for the Act 34 Hearing to take place on September 2, 2003.

There was no second to the motion.

Dr. Spitz made a motion to amend Mr. Stacks motion to amend the motion for the Act 34 Hearing to take place on September 9, 2003.  Mr. Stack seconded the motion.

Mrs. Bostwick requested a roll call vote be taken on the motion scheduling the Act 34 Hearing for September 9, 2003.  The Board approved the motion with six ayes (Mrs. Bostwick, Mrs. Butville, Mr. Schoenstadt, Mr. Soifer, Dr. Spitz and Mr. Stack) and one nay (Ms. Drioli).  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Motion:  Adoption of the 2003-2004 Budget

Mr. Schoenstadt presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, the Neshaminy Board of School Directors received a working draft of the 2003-2004 budget from the administration on April 9, 2003.  The Board reviewed the budget and made the budget available to the public on May 27, 2003; and

WHEREAS, in accordance with the Pennsylvania School Code, the Board of School Directors must now adopt a final operating budget for the 2003-2004 fiscal year.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors adopt a total operating budget of all funds in the amount of $140,821,430 including               

         Carry-over purchase orders of $592,070

         Federal and other programs in the amount of $1,637,546; and a

         Capital projects in the amount of $5,744,695

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the capital projects budget will be funded from the remaining proceeds of the previous general obligation Bond Issue and Note and a proposed general obligation Bond.  The federal programs budget will be funded by specific federal grants.  In order to fund the general fund budget, the following taxes are to be levied:

        l.  Real Estate Tax                                     500.6 mills

        2.  Interim Real Estate Tax                          500.6 mills

        3.  Per Capita Tax School Code                      $5.00

        4.  Per Capita Tax Act 511                            $10.00

        5.  Occupational Privilege Tax                           $10.00

        6.  Business Privilege Tax                          1 mill wholesale

                                                        1.5 mills retail

                                                        $5.00 license fee

        7.  Mercantile Tax                          1 mill wholesale

                                                        1.5 mills retail

                                                        $2.00 license fee

        8.  Real Estate Transfer Tax                  1%

        9.  Amusement Tax                          10%, as amended by current law

Mrs. Butville seconded the motion. 

Dr. Spitz addressed the parents and students who came out with concerns over the AE program.  Dr. Spitz is a supporter of the program and advised that the board is not trying to intentionally hurt the identified AE students who are in the program.  Dr. Spitz is concerned about testing timelines and the procedures used by the district, the curriculum program and the lack of math enrichment at the middle school level.  Dr. Spitz noted that these concerns will be addressed in this upcoming school year on the board through the committee.  The Department of Education will be visiting Neshaminy and providing their comments.  If the district is out of compliance that will be detailed and the district will be required to address that situation.  A consistent program needs to exist across the district. The staff cut is purely driven by enrollment figures. 

Ms. Drioli is concerned about Lower Southampton not being represented properly and it causes Ms. Drioli concern to wonder what some schools have been receiving and the Lower Southampton schools have not.  Ms. Drioli agrees that the program needs to be looked at. 

Mrs. Bostwick received a letter from a women stating that Reading Olympics is not done in one of the Lower Southampton Schools.  Mrs. Bostwick would like to look into that situation.

Mrs. Butville is still upset by the amount of money the state is not providing to the district.  The district would not have this severe problem if the state would be adequately funding the districts.

Mr. Schoenstadt raised the issue of special education funding and Mr. Schoenstadt noted that the federal government and state are requiring unfunded mandates that the school district must comply.  

Mrs. Bostwick requested a roll call vote on the Adoption of the 2003-2004 Budget.  The Board approved the motion by a vote of seven ayes (Mr. Stack, Dr. Spitz, Mr. Soifer, Mr. Schoenstadt, Ms. Drioli, Mrs. Butville and Mrs. Bostwick) and zero nays.  Mr. Eccles and Mrs. Jowett were not present.

Federal Programs

No report.

Other Board Business

Mrs. Bostwick stated that the community is not for the cell tower.  The district will not be able to gain the benefits of the tower being on school property.  The company will, however, place the tower in the vicinity and the community will still have the tower in their neighborhood. 


The Board Secretary advised that there was a thank you note from the Lamar Snyder family.

Public Comment

Mr. Fred Thomas, Langhorne, PA, commented that BASCO had provided four different proposals to look at anywhere from 24 rooms extra for Science labs or buildings, etc.  Any building that you build Mr. Thomas doubts will have the same square foot available for education that is currently existing.  Mr. Thomas feels it will be compressed.  Mr. Thomas feels if a new building is constructed in twenty years you will need to look at the roof, paint the lockers, etc.   Mr. Thomas cannot understand why it was closed down.  It was the boards opportunity to continue.  The BASCO contract was canceled.  Mr. Thomas stated that district will be unfunded.  The $2M in savings to close one will pay for the renovations, which needs to be done over a period of time.  That would have been more responsible.

Mrs. Michelle MacKay feels it is a travesty to spend $50,000 to have people tell you something they already told you at the polls when AE is being cut.  It is ridiculous to spend that kind of money, you will not get the response.  If the response you are looking for is not gotten, will it be done again.  Mrs. MacKay feels renovations are the way to go.  People will not take the time to complete the survey.  Mrs. MacKay is a concerned, involved citizen who takes the time to attend meetings. 

Mr. Phil Schieber, Langhorne, PA, stated that public speaking is very difficult and Mr. Schieber feels proud when he sees the young students come forward and stand before the public.  Mr. Schieber complimented all of them as well as the school system.  Mr. Schieber had a few questions regarding the survey.  How will we assure that the questions on the survey are objective?  Are we going to have an independent person other than the school board or the administrators of the school district take an independent review of the compilation, collection and reporting of the results?  Mr. Schieber feels the public has spoken and he is confident that the board will be overwhelmed by the number of people who come and tell that they do not want a new high school.  What are the rules of engagement for the Act 34 hearing?  How many hours will be allowed?  How many speakers? How long is the board willing to stay and listen?  Mr. Schieber needs to know whether to bring 5 people or 500 people.  Mr. Schiebers community is against the $100M bond issue.  Will written testimony be accepted to be submitted to the board prior to the hearing and read into the record?  Every bit of this testimony needs to be subject to the review of the Board of Education.  Someone other than this school board needs to decide whether this community has responded in a way that tells you we do not want a new high school, we do not want major renovations at this time and we do not want a $100M bond issue.  We need to slow down the process.  The funding is going to change.  From chaos comes progress and Mr. Schieber is confident that the district will hear from Harrisburg in a positive sense. 

Mrs. Kathryn Jarvie, Langhorne Borough, stated with some level of shame that this is her first school board meeting and she has heard a lot of bashing of the board at sometimes in very inappropriate ways, especially seeing that there were children present this evening.  However, Mrs. Jarvie needed to add her dissenting voice and express her disappointment at the entire process.  Many individuals came out with passionate requests, which were not always politely listened to, even though you might not have had the same opinions, and likewise from the public.  Her disappointment comes when discussing the taxpayer survey and analysis some board members made their feelings pro-high school very clear, but did not answer the question about the survey.  Whether the survey is needed to achieve that end was not addressed by many individuals on the board.  Mrs. Jarvie noted that Dr. Spitz commented a reasonable response to the survey was required in your estimation.  What is considered a reasonable response?  When does this end?  When is some decision made?  Mrs. Jarvie further needed to voice her extreme disappointment on the last vote on the agenda.  The programs still get shut down without addressing the fundamental issues and points so well articulated by the parents this evening.  Mrs. Jarvie prays that the results of the survey come to some kind of closure in one direction or the other, because the unending questioning is to your detriment and your credibility.  Ms. Jarvie has never attended an AE program, however she does know the difference between the word mute which means the inability to speak and moot which means inconsequential and a board member or two should note the difference grammatically.

Mr. Tom Fister, Middletown Township, was extremely disappointed this evening that the board did not choose to do the right thing regarding the AE program.  Mr. Fister agrees that the program should not be inequitable, but why take it the wrong way.  Obviously, there should be a full time teacher in every school.  Mr. Fister also finds it unbelievable that the board doesnt have the information.  Mr. Fister feels informed and believes the board has seen as much as he has.  Mr. Fister does not accept that argument.  For the amount of money needed to fix this AE program is nothing compared to other budgetary items.  Mr. Fister would put the cell tower on his property and donate the money to the school district.

Mrs. Joan Thomas, Langhorne, PA, is confused.  Her husband received a report from the district that BASCO had started renovations in the l990s, renovated part of the school, contract was had with them, they bid on different sizes of classrooms.  Every time BASCO is mentioned the board seems confused.  The report has everything spelled out.  They were going to build additional classrooms and the total amount of money for renovating the entire school, new roof, new boiler system, new everything in the entire school plus classrooms for $45M.  No one knows what is being spoken of.  Mrs. Thomas would like to know if the survey would include information about BASCO.  Will it be a fair survey?  What option will be taken?  Will this be a fair survey with everything considered or is it going to be slanted?  $35,000 a month to the architects, there goes your AE program. 

Mrs. Naomi Mindlin, Langhorne, PA, has one child in the AE program at Heckman and another child graduated from the AE program at Heckman.  Mrs. Mindlin has a bachelors degree in psychology but she believes that if you mail a survey to households you have so little control over the results that the results are meaningless.  The district is going to pay $50,000 for a survey when we have no idea who will be filling in the forms.  The same person could fill in one form or three forms sent to a specific household.  Groups could manipulate the results.  The district has absolutely no control.  The survey will be meaningless.  Mrs. Mindlin noted that because of these cuts her child will be bored from 5th grade through 7th grade at the middle school in math, because the math students have not been included in the numbers for the AE program.  Mrs. Mindlin would have a preferred a vote for excellent education rather then choosing to downsize to the lowest common denominator.  Has it been factored in the administrative costs of having to juggle teachers over the summer just to discover by excluding the 5th graders in the numbers and not including the children who will be tested over the summer we will discover over the summer that we do in fact need the full time teacher at Heckman. 

Mrs. Helene Kostar, graduate of Neshaminy High School, will be working with Mr. Paradise because Mrs. Kostar is dealing with Johnson & Johnson in order to get computers donated to Neshaminy School District.  Twelve flat screen Dell computers which are approximately one year old.  Mrs. Kostar wanted to let the school board know that she does do good things for the district.  Hopefully, this can be an ongoing program every year.  It will be a tax write off for Johnson & Johnson.  Mrs. Kostar hopes that the girls softball team will be honored for their success.

Mr. Joe Robb, Langhorne, PA, wished to clear up any misconceptions about renovations at the high school.  The Science department needs 24 classrooms and in order to meet code in the science classroom we would need to take three of our current classrooms to make two.  The high school is not like Maple Point or other schools in the area.  This building evolved in many stages and grew together.  It has twelve separate units that are not interactive.  The units are connected by hallways.  Mr. Robb notes that there is at least 1200 linear feet of single loaded non-educational space, another 500-600 feet of non-educational space (hallway that does not have anything of either side).  Renovations will require new plumbing, electric, through all the distance creating a larger expense.  There is not a single place in the building to place a second story.  Neshaminy High School will be demolished and rebuilt if you renovate.  If you are going to demolish and rebuild it should be done in one unified unit.

Board Comment

Mr. Stack commended Mr. Thomas for his attempt to address solutions.  Mr. Stack commented that Mr. Thomas is referring to a document that was published in 1999 by BASCO.  BASCO in March, 2002 had updated the figures and Mr. Stack provided Mr. Thomas with a copy.  In looking at the renovations options from BASCO they start at $51M going up to $60M to add some additional classrooms and art wing.  Mr. Stack notes that the major renovations will put the district at the $70M-$80M range.  Mr. Stack further noted that estimates to maintain a renovated building are $180,000 more a year then a new structure which would be larger.  Mr. Stack commented that these are the facts and the facts need to get out to the public.  These are the facts and numbers that will be relayed to the community in an effort to help them make a decision and feedback.  Mr. Stack noted that an independent firm will be handling the mailing and the tabulation of the information which will come back to the board.  Do we build new or renovate?  With respect to the renovation option there needs to be further input by the community.  Mr. Stack noted that if the board walks away from this decision now $2M will have been spent for nothing.  If the direction is pursued at a later time some of those same costs and expenditures will be incurred by a new architect or the same architect.

Dr. Boccuti replied regarding the content and format of the Act 34 Hearing is completely directed by state law.  Twenty days prior to the hearing there needs to be publicity on every aspect of the Act 34 Hearing to the public.  Prior to that every aspect needs to be sent to the Department of Education for review.  All of those details and facts will be given to the public at the appropriate time.  The district will be following the process as directed by the state 

Mrs. Butville noted that in the F and C halls the plumbing was not touched during renovations.  Mrs. Butville noted that when you look at all the information you receive a better insight.  Mrs. Butville has an aerial view of the building for review.  The money it will take to renovate could be much better spent by constructing new.  Renovations still leave inefficiencies and in 10-15 years a new building will still be required.

Ms. Drioli stated that the district was happy with BASCO, however, BASCO never built a new school building.  Their primary work was renovation.  BASCO did provide a number for a new school and it was close to ATS&R.  ATS&R was better qualified should the district decide to go new.  Schools are the expertise of ATS&R.  No one has brought up the fact that it will cost $40M to renovate Neshaminy Middle School in the event that we choose to renovate the high school.  Renovations will not under any circumstances support the ninth grade in the high school.  Common sense suggests that perhaps our ninth grade belongs in the high school.  Ms. Drioli feels that BASCO is a fine company, however, they have never built a school.  Every member of this board voted for ATS&R. 


Mrs. Bostwick moved the meeting be adjourned and Mr. Stack seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved the motion.  Mrs. Bostwick adjourned the meeting at 10:20 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Anita E. Walls
Board Secretary


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