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The Neshaminy Board of School Directors met in public session on March 26, 2002 in the Board Room of the District Offices, Maple Point Middle School.  The following persons were in attendance:



Mr. Steven Schoenstadt, President

Dr. Gary Bowman

Mrs. June Bostwick, Vice President

Dr. Raymond Boccuti

Mrs. Yvonne Butville
Mr. Harry Dengler, Jr.

Mr. Harry Jones
Mr. Richard Marotto

Ms. Carol Drioli

Mr. Joseph Paradise

Mr. Richard Eccles

Mr. P. Howard Wilson

Mrs. Kimberly Jowett
Dr. William Spitz

Mr. Bruce Wyatt 

George Mecleary, Jr., Esq.

Kristina S. Wiercinski, Esq.

SECRETARY:  Mrs. Anita Walls

OTHERS:   Approximately 45 persons from the public, staff and press 


Prior to the meeting, the Neshaminy High School Jazz Band performed several selections under the direction of Mr. Joe Bonjovi. 

Call to Order Dr. Bowman called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance- Dr. Bowman requested those in attendance join in the salute to the flag.  Following the pledge of allegiance, the Neshaminy High School Jazz Band played the national anthem. 

Dr. Bowman thanked the parents of the jazz band members, the students and Mr. Bonjovi for a delightful performance.  Dr. Bowman pointed out that in the lobby was a display from the Fine Arts Department which included a variety of works ranging from photography, electronic arts, 3-D Design works, drawings and paintings.

Announcements:  No announcements.

Student Representative Report No student representatives were in attendance.

Board Recognition

Dr. Bowman announced that the Oliver Heckman Elementary School has been honored to receive the Fulbright Memorial Fund Master Teacher Grant from the Japanese government.  The team consists of Mrs. Shelley Rosen, Academic Enrichment Teacher, Ms. Bettilyn Bogia, Librarian, Ms. Jacqueline Rattigan, Principal of Oliver Heckman School.  The school has been paired with a school in Japan to work on a joint Internet project to help promote friendship and education between the two cultures.  Dr. Bowman was happy to welcome two Japanese teachers from the participating Japanese school to the board meeting.  Dr. Bowman invited Mrs. Rosen to make comments and introduce the special guests.

Mrs. Rosen advised that in l997 the Japanese government decided to fund a program in order to thank the United States for all the Japanese people that it helped to educate through the Fulbright program.  The initial program funded visits to Japan of 600 American teachers each year in order to promote cultural ties between Japan and the United States.  Oliver Heckman became Japanese literate through our association with this program back in November 2000.  The entire school community came together to learn about the fascinating Japanese culture.  Oliver Heckman is hosting their Japanese colleagues this week  Tadaaki Niimi and Makoto Okubo, who are fifth and sixth grade classroom teachers.  Tadaaki Niimi was promoted to Vice-Principal and is leaving his current school and will be going to a small island three hours from home where he will have a total of 2l students in his school.  The Japanese teachers observed many of the classes at Oliver Heckman.  Although many things are done the same in our schools, there are many interesting differences.  The Japanese teachers, Tadaaki Niimi and Makoto Okubo, were very surprised with our different times for school start-up.  Mrs. Rosen explained that this was due to the bus schedule.  In Japan there are no buses for students.  All students walk to elementary school, and the junior high and high school students either walk or take public transportation. 

Mrs. Rosen further advised that not only is the Japanese government funding their trip to America and her stay for six weeks this summer in Japan, but they are also providing us with any needed technology to complete our project.  The district will participate in three joint projects:

         Insect project

         Soil project

         Seasonal cycles of trees and plants and their relation with climates

Each of the schools will be given a microscope that connects to the computer to be able to identify insects more easily, along with any software needed to video conference with the partner school in Japan in the fall and spring of next year.  Oliver Heckman�s current fourth grade students will be the students partnered with the students in Japan.  Mrs. Rosen advised that this summer she will live in the community of Hatsukaichi and will be considered part of the school staff.  She will work with her Japanese colleagues to create a web site that will be used to post the project results, as well as finalize the joint project.  Mrs. Rosen will also be asked to teach American culture to certain classes.

Mrs. Rosen thanked the Administration and the Board for allowing Oliver Heckman to be part of this endeavor. 

Mr. Schoenstadt presented the Japanese teachers, Tadaaki Niimi and Makoto Okubo, with an official Neshaminy School District pin and also a pin to be given to the principal of  Hatsuakichi.

Public Comment  - There was a three-minute time limit per speaker.  Mr. Gil Howland, Langhorne, is a twenty-two year resident and taxpayer.  Mr. Howland expressed comments regarding the budget and stated that the taxpayer is in big trouble.   Not only in Neshaminy, but also in Council Rock and Bristol.  All are encountering big increases.  Mr. Howland feels that he would like the district to go in the direction of maintenance and improvement to the schools before providing raises for the teachers.  Mr. Howland does not feel that teachers should be given raises every year.  Mr. Howland stated that people in Harrisburg are getting fifty percent increases upon retirement.  Mr. Howland would like the Board to review and reduce some of the benefits to the teachers.   Mr. Howland would like the Board to get a little hard headed and start showing some starch.  Keep the schools maintained and do not let them fall apart, plan for maintenance.

Mr. Phil Schieber, Langhorne, elected Auditor of Middletown Township and President of the Villages of Flowers Mill Homeowners Association stated that he was representing himself this evening as a private citizen, taxpayer and voter.  Mr. Schieber has serious concerns regarding the Neshaminy School Boards management oversight of public funds.  Mr. Schieber stated that generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP) require management to have an effective system of internal controls.  Examples of internal controls include separation of conflicting responsibilities and internal auditing.  Mr. Schieber understood that, in the past, the Board engaged a resident citizen to serve as its Treasurer, and that the primary responsibility of the Treasurer was to provide independent oversight of the boards expenditures.  Mr. Schieber stated that the duties of the Treasurer are now being performed by the District Business Manager.  This individual is responsible for both the preparation of the budget and the approval of the budget.  Further, this individual is responsible for procurement of supplies and services as the District Manager and has fiscal oversight responsibilities as the Treasurer.  Mr. Schieber inquired who on the school board has raised this issue, and who on the board understands the issue.

Mr. Schieber advised that as a member of a not for profit board he was aware that conflicts of interest and even the appearance of conflicts of interest are to be avoided, particularly by persons entrusted with public funds.  Mr. Schieber was concerned that the Neshaminy School Board either does not have conflict of interest policy or chooses not to enforce it.  Mr. Schieber stated that the Board just recently hired the Solicitors private secretary to also serve as the Boards secretary.  Mr. Schieber understood this part time position has a $l0,000 annual salary.  Mr. Schieber stated it was prudent to assume that a certain amount of the Boards legal work also includes secretarial duties, and, if so, are detailed records being maintained to differentiate when the secretary is working on the Solicitors non-board case load versus working on School Board activities that may be computed into the Solicitors fee schedule.  Mr. Schieber inquired who in the boards administration is verifying the accuracy of the billings and who on the school board understands the issue. 

 Mr. Scheiber further stated that one of the elected directors of the Board is working out of the Solicitors office, and while this may be valid, it does present an appearance of a conflict of interest and each is obligated to the other in pursuit of their income.  Mr. Schieber inquired who on the school board has raised the issue and who on the board understands the issue.

Mr. Schieber advised that this is a critical year for both the School Board and the taxpayers of Neshaminy School District.  The Board has already predicted millions of dollars of revenue needs.  Funding of the teachers pension fund earnings shortfall, renovations to buildings, alleged State under-funding of mandated programs, and contractual teacher salary increases are once again cited.  Mr. Schieber stated the Board will once again turn to the taxpayers.  It is easier than eliminating inefficiencies and waste.  It is easier than cutting non-relevant and non-effective programs.  Its easier than hard line negotiating with union.  Its easier than dropping all the self-gratifying quests for peer awards.  Mr. Schieber reminded the school board that it has a responsibility to all of the taxpayers of the district, not just the parents of school children.  Mr. Schieber stated the property tax well is dry.  Mr. Schieber advised there is only one solution, stop spending and start managing.

Superintendents Report Dr. Bowman welcomed Louise Gretchinger from the Intermediate Unit.  Dr. Bowman reported the following:

      Financial Office received the government finance office association award for excellence in financial reporting and budgeting, as a planning and information fiscal document.  This is the highest national award that can be received for financial reporting.  Neshaminy has received this annually for many of the past years, and it is an indication that we are reporting accurately and that proper processes are in place for reporting the status of financial issues in the school district. 

      Statewide award for community information was received on the production Fifty-one Days of Summer which outlined the kinds of repairs and programs that are in place to take care of our schools, which was handled by Mr. Minotti.

      Thirty-five (35) students have successfully completed our education program at our own alternative school with no suspended offenses.  This is an indication that the district is capable of running our own alternative school that will be done at the Tawanka site next year. 

      First preliminary budget indicates reductions in the expenditures side of  $850,000.00, in reference to our ability to operate our own alternative school for next year.

     Curriculum and instruction department - In-Service workshop days this summer include eighty (80) different professional staff development workshops, customized around the needs of our staff and educational program are planned. 

      Forty-fifth annual summer school program, which is self-supporting, will be conducted for the students in our community.

      A committee has been established under the direction of Mr. Marotto regarding revisions to the report card.

      Lead Teacher for Health and Physical Education, Mr. Charlie Schmidt, received national recognition by being chosen to receive the National Association for Sports and Physical Education 2002 Distinguished Leadership and Physical Education Award.

      Thirty-four (34) staff retirements effective for next year.  By January, 2003 an additional four (4) retirements for a total of thirty-eight (38) retirees which will help deal with the closing of Tawanka and which will reduce the issue of layoffs. 

      Fourth grade writing assessment scores have increased over last year.  Overall district scores have increased with more students then ever scoring in what the state is calling the proficient range. 

      Katlyn Kirshaw, 5th grade student at Oliver Heckman, is being recognized by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Poster Contest with the theme Symbols of Freedom.  She will be honored at the Pennsylvania Law Day Celebration that will take place on April 26th at Oliver Heckman School.  The President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association will be present for the presentation.

      Mr. Rob Armstrong, one of four Afro-American syndicated cartoonists in America, whose cartoon strip is called Jump Start, provided a program for the Business Education Partnership Committee at the Bucks County Technical School.   Mr. Armstrong was also at Neshaminy High School on March `19th as part of the schools global awareness project.  Mr. Armstrongs presentation was an excellent overview on the importance of school, achievement, values and character.

      Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all students beginning with the Class of 2003, next years graduating class, to complete their senior graduation project which is a state requirement.  Parents and community members met on March 11th to learn more about the project at which time questions were answered.  Mr. Collins and the high school staff are commended for piloting the program last year and putting it into place.

Approval of Minutes Upon motion of Mr. Eccles, seconded by Mrs. Butville, the Board approved the minutes of the February 26, 2002 and March l2, 2002 Public Meetings with eight ayes.

Approval of Treasurers Report, Bills for Payment, Investments, Budget Transfers and Exonerations of Personal and Per Capita Tax Mr. Paradise presented the following for approval:

         February 28, 2002 Treasurers Report, subject to audit

         Bills for payment for February 2002

         Budget Transfer Report No. 02-5 (working copy), which includes nine transactions and subtransactions

         Personal and per capita tax exonerations for February 2002 totaling 25 exonerations

Mr. Paradise pointed out the Food Service Department Profit and Loss Reports for January 2002 reflect a profit of $28,578.00 in that self-supporting operation.

Ms. Drioli moved the February 28, 2002 Treasurers Report, subject to audit, February 2002 bills for payment, Budget Transfer Report No. 02-5 (working copy), and February 2002 personal and per capita tax exonerations be approved.  Mr. Dengler seconded the motion. 

The Board approved the Treasurers Report, subject to audit, bills for payment, budget transfers and exonerations of personal and per capita tax with eight ayes.

Bids Mr. Paradise presented the following bids for approval:

Bid No. 02-2l  - Bituminous Concrete Paving, Resurfacing and Repair

Bid Amount:  $70,050.00

The bid is for the repair of damaged and deteriorating paving at Walter Miller Elementary School and Herbert Hoover Elementary School.  Both items are in the current year budget.

Bid No. 03-02 Athletic/Physical Education Supplies

Bid Amount:  $83,26l.l5

The bid is for various supplies for physical education programs and various team sports for school year 2002-2003 for grades K-l2.

Bid No. 03-03 Technology Education Supplies

Bid Amount:  $l5,082.44

The bid is for the purchase of supplies for the instruction of industrial technology including design, problem solving and research and development for school year 2002-2003 for grades K-l2. 

Mr. Dengler moved the three bids be approved and Dr. Spitz seconded the motion. 

The Board approved the three bids with eight ayes. 

Certified and Support Personnel Actions

Addendum labeled H-3A was distributed prior to the meeting.  Dr. Bowman presented the following for approval:

         Elections Certified Staff

         Resignations and Leaves of Absence Certified Staff

         Elections and Changes of Classification Support Staff

         Resignations and Leaves of Absence Support Staff

         Sabbatical Leaves Certified Staff

The personnel information appears on pages H-1 through H-7 and addendum page H-3A

Dr. Bowman advised that there are three administrative positions concerning the changes that are taking place and they will all be effective on July l, 2002 which would include Assistant Principal at the High School, Principal for Tawanka Education Center, and Supervisor of Pupil Services.  Also, a contract position for a teacher on special assignment for the Hoover Elementary School and Peer Mediation.

Page H-2 lists additional long-term substitute and nineteen (19) additional day-to-day substitutes to be added to the approved list.  Page H-3A is an addendum which lists the resignations and leaves of certified personnel and number of retirements and resignations.  Dr. Bowman advised that page H-3 continues the resignation and leaves of certified staff  including retirements and maternity leaves.  Page H-4 lists the election of support personnel. Page H-6 lists resignations and leaves of support personnel, one (1) retirement and three (3) personal reasons for leaving. 

Page H-7 lists sabbatical leaves of certified personnel.  These are individuals who have met the requirements per the Pennsylvania School Code and there are five (5) people listed.  Two of the individuals are Principals, Dr. McKee from Tawanka Elementary School and Dr. Davis who is asking for the approval of second semester leave at the Sandburg Middle School. 

Dr. Bowman recommended the approval of the personnel report for support and certified staff as presented.    

Mrs. Bostwick moved the personnel actions listed on pages H-1 through H-7 with addendum H3-A be approved.  Mr. Eccles seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with seven ayes.  Ms. Drioli opposed the motion. 

Motion:  Participation in Chester County School Districts Joint Purchasing Board

Mrs. Bostwick presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, the district participates in cooperative purchasing agreements with entities under the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of l996; and

WHEREAS, these agreements have financially assisted the District by increasing its purchasing power through joint purchasing with other municipalities and other governmental units; and

WHEREAS, Chester County School Districts Joint Purchasing Board has been authorized to bid certain equipment, software, supplies, and miscellaneous items on behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Business Administrator be authorized to participate in purchase contracts with the Chester County School Districts Joint Purchasing Board when it is financially advantageous to the District to order and purchase such materials, supplies and equipment when needed by the District.

Mrs. Butville seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes.

Motion:  #5l2 High School Diploma

Mrs. Butville presented the following motion:

WHEREAS, in order to keep District Board Policies updated, current, new, and revised policies are recommended by the Administration to the Board Policy Committee for review; and


WHEREAS, after review by the Board Policy Committee, the District is ready to recommend a revised Board Policy #512 High School Diploma.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Policy #5l2 High School Diploma be approved by the Board of School Directors.

Mr. Dengler seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes. 

Motion Summer Programs Summer of 2002

Mr. Dengler presented the following motion.

WHEREAS, the Neshaminy School District has operated a successful summer school program for 44 consecutive years; and

WHEREAS, in recent years has operated completely on a self-sustaining basis via student tuitions; and

WHEREAS, the following programs have been discussed with the Neshaminy Board of School Directors:

         Secondary Summer School (make-up and Enrichment)

         Summer Fine Arts including Art, Dance, Instrumental Music, and Summer Stock

         Young Writers Workshop

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors approves the request to operate summer programs for the 45th year.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that students residing in Neshaminy School District be given first preference for program involvement and related program activities.

Mrs. Jowett seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes.

Motion Intermediate Unit No. 22 2002-2003 Budget

Mrs. Drioli presented the following motion.

                WHEREAS, the Neshaminy School District is one of the thirteen school districts in                 Bucks County that utilizes the services of the Bucks County Intermediate Unit No. 22; and


                WHEREAS, the Neshaminy School District contributes to the support of the Bucks County
Intermediate Unit; and

                WHEREAS, the School Code requires that the Intermediate Unit budget be presented and acted
upon by the Board of School Directors.

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors
                approves the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Program and Services and Instructional Materials
                Budget for 2002-2003 in the amount of $l, 762,300 with our district share to be $ll3,l30.

Mr. Eccles seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes.

Motion Approval of IU Special Education Contracted Services for 2002-2003

Mr. Schoenstadt presented the following motion.

                WHEREAS, the Neshaminy School District is required by law to provide special education
and related services to children from pre-school through age twenty-one; and


                WHEREAS, a significant number of our students have severe mental and physical 
disabilities for which we do not operate programs.


                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Neshaminy Board of School Directors
approve the contract for special education services with Bucks County Intermediate Unit 22
for the 2002-2003 school year.

Mrs. Bostwick seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes.

Federal Programs Dr. Bowman reported entitlement grants equal $852,733 and competitive grants equal $830,294, which is a total of $1,683,027 in grant funds that has not changed from last month.  There are twenty-three different programs.   

Other Board Business Dr. Bowman requested that the Board consider the following request: The CYO groups have put together a track competition that will involve about six (6) different CYO teams in our community. Normally, we do not allow Sunday activities in our buildings or on our properties.  The CYO group involves middle school students from our local parishes.  The administration has no problem with the Board waiving that policy and allowing them to use the facilities.  The event was held at another school district last year, and they have requested that it be held in Neshaminy this year.  Dr. Bowman requested Board authorization since it is a unique situation where the event would be held on a Sunday. 

Dr. Spitz inquired whether it was for a season, and Dr. Bowman responded it was a one-day event, which will be held on April 14th or April 21st, and a response was needed immediately, because if approval was not received the CYO would need to look elsewhere.  Dr. Spitz expressed concern as to any liability issues.  Dr. Bowman responded that Mr. Paradise requires the insurance certificate, so that the district has no liability and the CYO will be able to provide same.

The Board approved the request with eight ayes.

Dr. Bowman advised that Mr. Bill Brady is organizing the competition, and that he would advise him of the Boards decision.

Mrs. Drioli stated that in light of the budget some of the costs incurred are as a direct result of September 11th with regard to insurance, etc.  Mrs. Drioli stated that the Board did not mismanage the fund for the teachers, but in effect, was result of the economic spiral that took place.  Mrs. Drioli suggested that we commission the Public Relations person to begin to respond to this with information in order that the public is aware that not all of the expected increases are a direct result of our teacher salaries.  Mrs. Drioli reminded everyone that the President did say that the events of September 11th were going to cost everyone.  The direct impact on health insurance and other insurances have spiraled, while at the same time the interest rate for investments have fallen.  These results are affecting the district.  The Board needs to direct the PR person to get this information out to the public.

Mrs. Butville advised that many of the school districts have been sending letters to the Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System objecting to the amount which is being requested to be paid by each district and expand that over a couple of years, rather then paying it back the way they are determining it at the moment.  Mrs. Butville inquired whether the Board wishes to wait until the next Work Session or have a letter drafted that could be reviewed at the Work Session.

 Dr. Bowman advised that he has been in touch with the local senators office and local representatives office.  Last Friday a regional meeting with superintendents was held, and Dr. Bowman believes that all legislators are aware of the issue.  A proposed resolution will be prepared for the Board to adopt in April.  The superintendents are sharing those on the Internet through Penn Link, and many districts are passing them in order to forward them to the legislators.   Dr. Bowman stated that a resolution is in order to provide the legislators with documentation to encourage them to go forward and this action is occurring throughout the state.  There are two issues: 

         The actuarial analysis of the retirement system was so wealthy (50 Billion Dollars)

          It was actualized over ten (l0) years instead of twenty (20) years. The market
    dropped and the rates would need to increase. 

Legislators would like to keep it at twenty (20) years, and at most possibly double the rate over what we had this past year, instead of a 500% increase that will have a significant impact upon the budget.  Dr. Bowman is in agreement with Mrs. Drioli that the legislators need to hear from the Board.  It will require legislation to be passed to make changes to the system.  It will be passed with the education bill that is passed in the month of May. 

Mrs. Drioli advised that a meeting has been scheduled for April 2nd at the Intermediate Unit at 6:30 p.m., in Doylestown.  The thirteen (l3) representatives of the Board, and the public will meet with the legislators from Upper Bucks, Lower Bucks, and Senator Tomlinson, to hear these grievances.  Mrs. Drioli encouraged the Flowers Mill group to come and discuss the issues.  Mr. Howard Wilson will be attending for the district. 

Mrs. Butville further advised that writing the legislators is the only option we have because we have no other way to deal with this increase that is being put upon the district.  The district has to pay it.  The district cannot ignore it.  The only way to lower same would be if the legislators vote that it be lowered.  Eventually, it will need to be paid, but it does not all have to be paid this year. 

Dr. Spitz made a similar suggestion that the Board consider passing a motion or resolution regarding the prevailing wage act issue that is currently being debated in Harrisburg.  If we are seriously going to be considering major renovations to the High School and other buildings within our district it could have a major impact on our expenses, and Dr. Spitz would like to see some type of resolution in support of the current legislation that is being considered.

Correspondence There was no correspondence.

Public Comment Mr. Gil Howland, Langhorne advised that retirees are scheduling a rally in Harrisburg and you do not have to be a retiree to support that rally.  You can be an active teacher, travel by bus and support the rally.  Mr. Howland advised that he would freeze teacher salaries for a couple of years.  The retirees are having a difficult time. 

Mr. Schieber expressed that he wished that honest and true information would be given out by the public relations department.  Mr. Schieber stated that he did not believe that the Board was mandated by the state government, but mandated by the teachers pension fund. 

Mr. Schoenstadt stated that the district does not have control and it is under the auspices of the governor and state legislature.  Further, on the web site will be a list of names and phone numbers for citizens to contact regarding this issue.

Mr. Schieber stated that he is dealing with shortfalls and no one is making them up for him.   Mr. Schieber urged the Board not to use this as an excuse to raise the taxes unnecessarily in order to fund the school district.

Mrs. Rita Geddes, Lower Southampton Township, whose children currently attend Ferderbar Elementary and Poquessing Middle School, and her step-son also went through Neshaminy School District, believes her children are receiving a phenomenal education.  Her daughter was identified with a reading difficulty in fourth grade and just received her PSSA and Iowa Test scores, and scored in the average range, which is a huge accomplishment for her in reading.  This is in large part due to the efforts of the staff at the school.  Mrs. Geddes husband has been a teacher in the district for twenty-nine (29) years and has worked very hard.  For someone to say that teachers with thirty (30) years of experience do not deserve a pay raise is completely absurd.  The experienced teachers work extremely hard, just as hard as new teachers, in turn supporting the new teachers.  An experienced staff is necessary in order to ensure that the students of this district have a great education and opportunities available to them, so they do become tax paying citizens, many of them choosing to stay within Neshaminy School District because they themselves received a great education.

Board Comment -

Mrs. Butville agreed with Mrs. Geddes that Neshaminy has some excellent educators in the system and they do deserve a retirement that the Board is not against.  However, the Board is against and upset about the fact that just very recently the state has put a huge increase upon the District in order to make up for the losses.  Every one of us has had losses because of the events of last fall.  Everyone needs to make it up in their own way.  Mrs. Butville understands why the district needs to make-up the funds and keep it solvent.  Mrs. Butville believes that we do not have to make up the entire loss this year.  The amount of the millage increase will be impossible, and it is every single school district in the state that is facing this problem.  There is no reason why it must all be made up this year. 

Mrs. Butville responded to Mr. Schiebers comments regarding the Treasurer that the reason the board acted was in order to save money.  The Treasurer received compensation and by having Mr. Paradise as Treasurer the board is saving.  Outside auditors very carefully review the books, and a good accounting system is in place.  Mrs. Butville advised that the board conferred with the Solicitor, and Mr. Paradise was able to act as Treasurer, and in turn save money. 

Mrs. Butville further responded to Mr. Schiebers comments regarding the Board Secretary position that Mrs. Walls was welcomed at the last Work Session.  When Mrs. Calvello resigned, the position was advertised and quite a few individuals applied for the position.  Only three (3) individuals were actually qualified for the job.  Only two (2) of the individuals decided to interview, and Mrs. Walls was definitely more qualified and that is the reason she was chosen for this position.

Mr. Schoenstadt further advised that the district already has two (2) independent audits.  The state audits the district in great detail and then the district has its own independent auditor.  The district is in compliance with every state regulation and requirement, and the state does not require the district to have a separate Treasurer, as long as the district has the independent audits.

Mr. Schoenstadt advised that the first meeting discussing the budget has taken place, and more in-depth discussions will take place over the next sixty (60) days, were cuts will be suggested, reviewed and analyzed.  The process does not start back in January, but this is really the starting point for the process.  Mr. Schoenstadt advised that the next Finance meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 23rd and anyone who really has an interest should attend this meeting, whereat you will hear the in-depth analysis and presentation of the cuts that are being made and considered.    

Mr. Dengler moved the meeting be adjourned and Mrs. Drioli seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with eight ayes.  Mr. Schoenstadt adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

Respectively submitted,
Anita E. Walls
Board Secretary


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