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The Neshaminy Board of School Directors met in public session on July 2, 2002, in the Board Room of the 
Maple Point Middle School.  The following persons were in attendance:



Mr. Steven Schoenstadt, President

Mr. P. Howard Wilson

Mrs. Yvonne Butville
Mr. Harry Dengler, Jr.

Dr. Raymond Boccuti
Mr. Harry Jones

Ms. Carol Drioli*

Mr. Bruce Wyatt

Mrs. Kimberly Jowett


George Mecleary, Jr., Esq.
Dr. William Spitz

Mrs. June Bostwick
Mr. Richard Eccles


Robert R. Fleck, Esquire

SECRETARY:  Mrs. Anita Walls

OTHERS:  Approximately 2 persons from the public, staff and press 

 *   Arrived at 3:15


Call to Order Mr. Schoenstadt called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance- Mr. Schoenstadt requested those in attendance join in the salute to the flag.  

Announcements - Mr. Wilson advised Board members that in their packets were the estimated costs of a total and complete renovation of the high school.  Mr. Wilson advised that this renovation would not accommodate the 9th grade moving to the high school, but it does provide an idea what it would take to bring the school into the 21st century.

Mr. Wilson further advised Board members regarding funds from the State.  Mr. Wilson advised that the Board would need to reconvene a meeting later this month to re-open the budget.  Mr. Wilson stated that the Solicitor attempted to obtain the bill that was passed to review the wording; however, it was not yet available at this time.  The district will have the following options:

l.         Issue a credit to taxpayers

2.       Use the funds toward the debt service

3.       Reinstate programs that may have been eliminated.

Mr. Wilson advised that nothing official has been received from Harrisburg regarding the amount to be received by the district. 

Mr. Schoenstadt commented that the tax bills have already been sent to taxpayers and taxes have already started to be collected.  Mr. Schoenstadt stated that it appeared that only one viable option was available, and that would be to pay down the debt.  The other option would be to recall all the tax bills, which would cost an excessive amount of money.

Dr. Spitz inquired whether it would be possible to issue a credit to taxpayers.  Dr. Spitz felt it should be considered refunding the money to taxpayers. 

Mr. Schoenstadt stated that it would need to be researched to see what the costs would be in order to refund money to the taxpayers, and what savings the taxpayer would be able to see.  Mr. Schoenstadt further stated that some of the funds are not direct subsidy refunds; however, they would be for transportation and special education. 

Mr. Schoenstadt advised the Board that written notification has been received from George Mecleary, Jr., Esquire, that effective July 15, 2002, he would resign his position on the Neshaminy School Board.   Mr. Schoenstadt thanked Mr. Mecleary for his service to the Neshaminy School District and his continuous efforts towards better education.

The Administration will advertise for the position of a new Board member.

Public Comment � No public comment. 

Certified and Support Personnel Actions Mr. Wilson presented the following for approval:

         Elections Certified Personnel

Mr. Wilson advised that sixty applicants applied for the Assistant Principal position at the High School.  Two levels of interviews took place.   The first level consisted of Mr. Marotto, Mr. Wyatt and Mr. Jones, and the second level consisted of Mr. Collins, Dr. Boccuti and Mr. Paradise.    It was the clear recommendation by both committees to recommend Mr. Alexander Menio, Jr.  Mr. Menio has been a high school principal for twelve years.   The past three years he acted as principal for Milton High School and has been totally responsible for the mastering scheduling in that building.  Mr. Wilson advised that Mr. Menio is very competent, articulate and comes from a very strong academic background.  Mr. Menio would be a perfect compliment to the district.  Mr. Wilson advised the Board that it is without any reservation that the administration recommends Mr. Menio for the Assistant Principal position at the high school.

Dr. Spitz inquired what exactly would be Mr. Menios job description aside from scheduling.  Mr. Wilson requested Mr. Jones to obtain the new job description for the position and distribute it to the Board members. 

Dr. Boccuti advised that Mr. Menio is very impressive, will be very well received at the high school and will be a great asset to the administrative team at Neshaminy.

Mr. Wilson recommended the approval of the Certified Personnel Report as presented.

Mr. Dengler moved the Certified Personnel Report be approved.  Mrs. Butville seconded the motion.

The Board voted to approve the Certified Personnel Report by a vote of seven ayes and zero nays.

 Other Board Business No other business.

Mrs. Butville moved the meeting be adjourned and Mr. Mecleary seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion with seven ayes.  Mr. Schoenstadt adjourned the meeting at 3:20 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Anita E. Walls
Board Secretary


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