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Ken Bader Biography                                 Ken Bader

Name and Location:

Occupation: Education: Personal Interests:  High School Sports, Biking, Desert/Mountain Hiking, Computers, Plants/Animals (gardens, aquarium), Writing (poetry), Philosophy, Music (mostly classic rock), History, Correspondence, Current Affairs

Interesting Past Employment and Experiences:  lived as a child in the Pinelands National Wilderness area;  was an accomplished ice hockey player in high school;  have worked as a box maker and designer, forklift driver, donut baker, building superintendent, cook, microbiology lab intern, warehouse supervisor, ice hockey coach, woman's lacrosse coach, house painter, drywall installer, lyricist, driver, drug advisor, liquor store clerk, store manager, campaign worker (Ted Kennedy's 1980 presidential campaign), and have traveled to 46 states, Canada, and a number of Caribbean nations.

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