Neshaminy School District

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Sequence for Social Studies

Neshaminy School District

Grades K, 1, 2 and 3 – Foundations of Social Studies:

                                       Civics and Government   
Grade 4 – Pennsylvania History and Geographic Regions of the US


Grade 5 – US History from Exploration through Revolution


Grade 6 – World History I – Beginnings through Rome


Grade 7 – World History II – Rome through the Middle Ages


Grade 8 – US History I – The American Revolution to the Civil War


Grade 9 – US History II – The Civil War through World War II


Grade 10 – Modern World History – The Renaissance through World War II


Grade 11 – Contemporary US and World History – World War II to the Present


Grade 12 - Electives:

                     Civics and Economics
                     Women's Studies
                     Current Issues

AP Courses offered at various grades:

                     AP European History
                     AP American History
                     AP Human Geography
                     AP Psychology
                     AP US Government