• Please have the following materials with you every day in science class:   Updated for 2018-19!
    • blue or black ink pens
    • sharpened pencils
    • colored pencils - really a necessity...we use these ALOT!!!!!
    • 3x5 index cards (these will be cut in half and used for all vocabulary-if you see them on sale, grab a bunch)
    • a one-inch 3 ring binder ( any type is fine-  hardback, flexible poly- whatever- as long as the rings work)
      This needs to be for science ONLY! You may leave it in the classroom sometimes, so you can't combine it with another class. 
    • CHARGED Chrome Book needs to come to class with you EVERYDAY!!!  
        If you have difficulty obtaining any of these materials please see me!  I'm sure I can help you find what you need