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4th Grade Science Resources

FOSS Kit Representative and Professor at Kutztown University
Dave Bauman
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Electricity and Magnetism
"Using Electricity" is an interactive site that allows students to explore how electricity works. Flash is required to utilize this animation.
"Changing Circuits" is an interactive simulation that students can manipulate to see different working circuits. Flash is required.
"Circuits and Conductors" is another interactive simulation dealing with different conductors and the flow of electricity. Flash is required.
Electric Circuits
"The blobz guide to Electric Circuits" is a animated tuturial of different types of circuits and the symbols that are commonly used to represent different parts on a circuit. Flash is required.
Magnets and Springs
"Magnets and Springs" simulation allows students to examine the types of metals and materials that magnets will pick up. Flash is required.
"Magnetic Field Simulation" allows students to examine magnetic fields.

"Gases around You" is an interactive simulation that examines what happens to a gas as it is heated and then cooled. The same principles can be used to describe the expansion and contraction of water. Flash is required.
"Solids and Liquids". This interactive lets students examine properties of liquids and gases. Students must use their observation skills in this Flash required simulation.
"Changing States" students can add heat or cool water samples to see how it can change from solid, liquid, to a gas. Flash is required.
"Bouyancy Explorer" examines the force of lift as a result of density.