September, 2018

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I wanted to take a moment to say hello. My name is Jennifer Howie, and for the past seventeen years I have been working in Neshaminy School District. I taught 9th Grade English for four years and 11th grade reading for four years. Last year was my seventh year teaching middle school AE. I went to the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate degree in English/Communications and to Widener University for my graduate degree in Education. I have two boys, who are twenty and seventeen years old. My late husband, Dennis, taught 10th grade English at the high school for 22 years. As some of you are aware, he passed last summer after a four year battle with cancer.

    As we start the school year, I would like you to know that I truly look forward to getting to know your student or if I had him/her already, getting to know your student even more! I am anticipating a school year full of inquiry and exploration. I’m confident that the upcoming year will provide, for both your student and your family, many enriching experiences. Our journey in enrichment will take us to many places, so please remember to ask your student about what he/she is studying. Also, you can visit my website to find out what is happening in your student’s class. You can find it by going to the middle school’s home page, click on staff and then my name.

    I would like to invite you to Back to School night on Thursday, September 20th at 7pm to hear about your student’s grade level curriculum. You can find me in a room called the Annex 2 directly across the hall from the office throughout the evening. Please try to get to my room as soon as possible as I have quite a bit to cover. 

    In order to meet the annual GIEP review dates, I will need to hold individual meetings. However, due to my new schedule and time constraints, these meetings will be scheduled every 30 minutes. We will use this meeting time to discuss your child’s Academic Enrichment goals and SDIs and take care of the state required GIEP paperwork at the same time.  I will send you an email a few weeks before your student’s GIEP date is due to discuss date and time.  If this meeting time is not good for you, please let me know as soon as possible and we can reschedule for a different date and time. Or, if you do not feel the meeting is necessary, I can mail the documentation for you to sign and return.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.



    Jennifer Howie





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