• TIps For Success
    Coast through the year in math
    with these helpful tips!!!!!
    1. Pay attention and participate in class. Skater Dude

    2. Always do your homework.  You can not do well in math by just "showing up" every day.

    3. I love to answer questions, so please don’t deprive me of this joy.  If there is something you don't understand, you must ask in class. 

    4. Check your agenda to be sure you are doing the correct assignment.

    5. Read directions carefully.

    6. ALWAYS Use pencil.

    7. Copy problem, show all work and circle or box answers                        

    8.  Use your textbook to review what was learned in class if having difficulty. There are never excuses for not understanding or completing an assignment.  You have many avenues to figure it out....notebook, text, online tutor, internet, etc.