• SUPER KIDS​ Reading Program with Additional Personalized iReady Resources
      •  Whole Group Instruction​
      •  Guided Reading: small flexible groups​
      •  Independent reading​
      •  Read Aloud​
      •  Vocabulary and Phonics​
      •  Reader’s Workshop​/Daily 5
      •  Writer's workshop: personal narrative, informative, opinion
      •  Daily use of technology to differentiate instruction according to individual learning style and academic need
      • iReady "My Path" to meet the needs of each individual student


    • "Ready Math"
      • Growth Mindset Activities to promote critical thinking skills
      • Independent Learning Activities to build perserverance
      • Mini Lessons for reteaching and enrichment using different tools for support
      • "My Path"  individualized online learning to meet the needs of each child


    • Social Studies Alive!
      • Communities
      • Geography
      • Goods and Services
      • Good Citizens
    • Additional Resources and Activities:
      • Social Studies Weekly
      • Virtual Field Trips
      • *Hands on, cooperative group projects




    • Soil Unit​
    • Insect Unit​
    • STEM pollination unit​
    • Project Based Learning Unit on Plants and their Importance in our Lives
    • *Skype a Scientist if possible




    • CLEVER organizes every resource that your child uses in class on their Chromebook without requiring a password for each app.  Through CLEVER, you will be able to access "iReady" to see their current math assessment and check on their most recent reading and math "My Path" minutes. Students will also be able to utilize the various supplemental apps provided by Neshaminy School District to enhance their learning.
      A form will be sent home via email with your child's clever login information.  If you are unable to log in or have misplaced the information please contact me at lbelser@neshaminy.org







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