- whole and small group instruction
    - read alouds
    - shared, partner, choral, and silent reading 
    - guided reading 
    - fluency activities including poetry 
    - vocabulary development
    - word building and making words
    - phonemic awareness; segmentation
    - phonographix skills; phonics
    - block-style handwriting
    - iReady "My Path" to meet the needs of each individual student

    Units 1-8: Adventures of the Superkids

    Students learn more complex letter-sound relationships, such as digraphs and long-vowel sounds. They continue to develop their decoding and encoding skills and read longer stories where comprehension and fluency are emphasized. They also gain a growing awareness of the structure and function of words and learn to spell phonetically irregular words, which aids reading and writing fluency.

    Units 9-16: More Adventures of the Superkids

    Students continue to develop skills in all the language arts while learning a greater number of phonetic variables, such as -ow in bow and snow.Children also learn strategies for using context to identify words. By the end of this level, students can read and spell all 220 words on the Dolch Basic Word List.