• Measurement Benchmarks
     These benchmarks will be used throughout the elementary grades to help your child get a feel for what the units mean.
    Customary or Standard Measurement

    inch – width of a quarter

    foot – length of a football

    yard – length of a baseball bat

    mile – you can walk it in 20 minutes


    Mass (Weight)

    ounce – slice of bread

    pound – loaf of bread



    cup – juice box

    pint – large glass

    quart – half of OJ carton

    gallon – jug of milk



    Fahrenheit – used in U.S.



    Metric Measurement



    millimeter – thickness of a dime

    centimeter – width of your finger

    decimeter – length of a new crayon

    meter – half the height of a door

    kilometer – you can walk it in 12 min.


    Mass (Weight)

    gram – paper clip

    kilogram – textbook



    milliliter – 4 eyedropper drops

    liter – half of a soda bottle



    Celsius – used in most other countries and by scientists