• A referral for Academic Enrichment (AE) program can be initiated by a staff member or a parent/guardian. The process begins with a grade level screening rubric completed by the classroom teacher. This rubric is comprised of current marking period grades, in addition to specific assessments the student has completed during their current school year. If a refered student meets the criteria on the grade specific universal screening rubric, parental consent will be required to move along in the process. After parental consent is received, the teacher and parent will complete the SIGS and I will schedule a time to administer the NNAT-2 with the student. Performance on these measures will determine if a full-scale academic enrichment evaluation is administered. The school psychologist administers the full-scale academic enrichment evaluation.

     The school counselor utilizes the following assessments and supplemental data during this process: 

    • Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) teacher and parent rating forms.  
    • Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test - 2nd Edition (NNAT-2) administered by the school counselor.