• www.firstinmath.com 


    We are excited to have the use of “First in Math” for this current school year for grades Kindergarten through Grade 5.


    This program will be used in the computer labs, and on occasion in the classrooms, but an added benefit is that your child can use it from a home computer. Please take advantage of this offer.


    Your child’s teacher will be providing the user name and password. If you do not have a computer connected to the internet at home, please consider visiting your public library a few times a week to give your child practice on this website. Urge your child to try the many different games and sections of this website and earn as many stickers as they can. 


    Please do not let any siblings use your child’s user name and password, as the teachers will be monitoring your child’s progress on the site.

    Currently all Neshaminy students have access to a family password, so all family members can play and earn points as a family. Please look on your child's First in Math page for a link.


    There are many resources available for parents to examine the program. Overview of Program