• Student Art Rotating Gallery


    The Student Art Rotating Gallery celebrates the Neshaminy School District’s mission and philosophy to provide all students with knowledge and skills in the Arts. The Art Curriculum at Neshaminy School District explores art as a platform to further essential skills for productive citizens, providing students with the tools they need to understand, create, and broaden their ability to communicate through other mediums and academic areas when making critical choices and judgements.

    This gallery provides an opportunity for the community to view the unique talents of individual students involved in Neshaminy School District’s Fine Arts Program from kindergarten through twelfth grade. You can view the monthly displays on the District’s website. Go to the District Home Page, scroll down to “District Art Gallery” along the left side and click on it. Click on the word “here” in the sentence “Click here to view images of each show”. Scroll down to see the different schools and months of display. Tawanka displays in January. Click on Tawanka Elementary. The image will appear as it does on Facebook. Click on the image and then click on the arrows to view all artwork. Please allow time for them to update the school site. 


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