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    Rainbow Caterpillars

    Students learned about the order of the rainbow by watching the video Roy G Biv. We read the book The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and talked about the life cycle of caterpillars. They created rainbow caterpillars using recycled egg cartons. We talked about primary colors and created the secondary colors by mixing the primary colors together. 

    Pumpkin Value

    Students learned about value. We talked about tinting and shading. Students picked a color and create a gradient tone using a pumpkin.


    The Color Monster

    This lesson was inspired by the book The Color Monster by Anna Llenas. Students created a monster using the different lines we learned about last lesson. We then painted our monsters using the colors that represent a different feeling. The background is the northern lights created with chalk pastels.   



    Students created a 3D butterfly using clay. We looked at different kinds of butterflies noticing the colors, shapes, and lines we see in their wings and body. They designed their butterfly using texture, lines, shapes, forms, and colors.