• Summer Skills Workbooksskills
    Are you afraid that your child's reading and math skills will be affected by the long summer break? Here is a wonderful resource to keep your child on track. (They are not available in retail stores.)
    We highly recommend these review workbooks for our elementary students.
    The math books provide a mixed skills approach and are standards based. They are great for building student confidence.
    The language arts books are designed to help students strengthen their Language Arts skills over the summer. They contain mixed skills practice in reading, writing, phonics, and grammar along with tips for parents to help their children.
    Click on this link for ordering information: http://www.summerskills.com/index.html
    Be sure to order the grade that your child has just completed.
    Dory Fitzgerald                                                 Shelley Rosen
    Elem. Language Arts Lead Teacher                 Elem. Math Lead Teacher
    Neshaminy School District                              Neshaminy School District