• What are they doing in 4th grade....


    Self Portraits

    Students learned about the art of cartooning and animation.  We reviewed what a self portrait is. The lesson was for the students to create a minion of themselves. They must have a minion look but put in characteristic of themselves. 

    Folk Art

    This lesson introduced the students to Mexican Folk Art. We explored different works of art allowing us to discuss lines, shapes, and colors. Students created a mask inspired by folk art. They were to create different lines, shapes, and colors along with keeping it symmetrical. 


    Animal Portraits

    Students will pick an animal and create a portrait of their face. They start off with collaging paper they designed with other material. After they finish the collage they pick the animal they would like to create and make their eyes out of oil pastels and nose out of chalk pastels. They are learning monochromatic colors, analogous colors, shading and tinting.They will add small detail using tempra paint.