• What is going on in 3rd grade.....



    The students learned about the art of cartooning and animation. We looked into cartoonist that started the business like Walt Disney to the artist that work on YouTube today. Students were to create a cartoon that is listening to music. They could create their own musical device. 


    Animal Bobbleheads

    The students learned about the history of bobbleheads. We compared 3D to 2D work. Students had to create an animal or hybrid bobblehead using a pinch pot for the head and a cone for the body. 


    Zentangles and Geodes

    The students are learning about the science of geodes. We look at the color and shapes of geodes and create them using watere colors and salt. They add glitter glue to the outside and inside lining to make them sparkle! The negative spaces they will fill in with zentangled organic shapes. They will use diffent style lines and shapes to create their own pattern.