• What is going on in second grade....


    Blue Dog

     Students learned about the famous artist George Rodrigue We looked at many of his works and discussed the different elements we saw. George Rodrigue is known for his famous painting Blue Dog. Students were inspired by the artist to create their own blue dog but with a twist. They had to create a dog and add their creative ideas to them. 

    Rainbow Weavings

    Students learned the art of weaving. We talked about the Navajo Tribe and their famous Navajo weavings. Students created a sky background using a paper plate. They then learned how to weave the rainbow using an under over pattern. 

    Birch Trees

    This lesson taught the students their warm and cool colors. The colors were implemented into their background of their landscape painting of birch trees.


    Snowman Disguise

    Students will create a 3D snowman out of clay. The body will be made out of 3 pinch pots. The challenge is to disguise their snowman as anything they would like. They need to still keep the snowman look but have them dressed up as someone or something. This project was inspired by the book Snowmen at work by Caralyn Buehner.