Meet the...

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    Unit 1 - Cass is the first Superkid we meet. She loves to cook and has a cat named Coconut. This unit focuses on the letter Cc and hearing the beginning sound in a word. The letter Cc makes the /k/ sound as in Cass, cat, and c

    Unit 2 - Next we meet Oswald who likes to draw and read about odd animals. This unit focuses on the letter Oo and distinguishing
    between different beginning sounds in words. The letter Oo makes the /o/ sound as in Oswald, ostrich, and ocelot.

    Unit 3 - Then we meet Golly, the superdog. He likes to sniff things, especially garbage. This unit focuses on the letter Gg . The letter Gg makes the
    /g/sound as in Golly, goat, and gum. This unit focuses on hearing beginning and ending sounds in a word. 

    Unit 4 - After that we meet Alf who likes to go on adventures. This unit focuses on the letter Aa.  The letter Aa makes the /a/sound as in apple, ant, and alligator.  This unit focuses on discriminating medial sounds /o/ and /a/. ex.  map or mop  It also reviews all the beginning sounds we've learned so far. 

    Unit 5- Then we will meet Doc who likes to fix things, like broken toys. This unit focuses on the letter Dd and identifying the initial and final /d/ sound in words. it also focuses on blemding sounds to decode two and three letter words. 

    Unit 6 - After Doc we will meet Sal who likes to play sports.  This unit focuses on the letter Ss.  The sound is /s/ as in soccer, seal, and sun. We will continue blending and decoding 2-3 sound words.  We are also learning to retell stories in proper sequence.  

    Unit 7 - After Sal we will meet Lily who likes to play with her stuffed animal lions.  They are mom, dad, Lass, and Lad.  This unit focuses on the letter Ll and the sound /l/ as in lion, lollipop, and lemon.  We are moving onto to segmenting and blending 3-4 sound words.  

    Unit 8 - After Lily we will meet Icky who likes to watch TV.  This unit focuses on the letter Ii and the sound /i/ as in igloo, itch, and inchworm.  We are  blending words with all 3 short vowel sounds /a/, /o/, and /i/.  We are also learning that double letters make one sound.  We've learned dd, ss, and ll. 

    Unit 9 - Next up is Tic, Tac, and Toc, fun friends who are triple trouble. This unit focuses on the letter Tt and the sound /t/ as in tiger, tree, and tennis.  We are  reading whole sentences and stories.

    Unit 10 - Then comes Frits who likes to go fishing.  This unit focuses on the letter Ff and the sound /f/ as in fish, fox, and friend.  Our focus is now on reading whole words and sentences more fluently (smoothly, not choppy). 

    Unit 11 - After Frits is Ettabetta who likes rhyming, games and puzzles.  The unit focuses on the short vowel sound /e/ as in egg, elephant, and elf.  We are practicing all 4 short vowel sounds now to decode words carefully and correctly.  (ex. hot, hat, hit, bed, bad, bid)  

    Unit 12 - Last we have Hot Rod who likes race cars and has a cool bike called The Fast Cat.   This unit focuses on the /h/sound as in hand, hat, and hot.  We are continuing to read whole stories, reading words smoothly.  We are also reading for comprehension, making sure we understand what we read.