•  What is going on in 1st grade!


    Make a Wish

    This was our first project of the school year. We created a bright pieces for the square 1 art fundraiser we hold every year. Students created a rainbow background using tempra paints. We painted them in the order of the rainbow (ROYGBIV). They glued a photo of themselves onto their background. They had the option of what they would like to be wishing. Some students picked bubbles and some students picked dandelions. ( Line, Shape, Color)


    Mouse Paint

    Students learned about the primary and secondary colors. We read the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh.  Students created the primary mice using model magic. The secondary mice were created by mixing the primary colors together. Students created their background using marbles and tempera paint. The effect is to show mice running across the paper.  (Line, Shape, Color, Form)



    Students learned about self portraits and how they are pictures of the artist. We then talked about the Japanese culture and their famous article of clothing called a kimono. We discussed the importance it holds in the culture. We also dived into the design and colors the kimonos come in. Students created their self portraits wearing a kimono of their design. (Lines, Shape, Color, Value, Culture)



    Students learned about the American painter Wayne Thiebaud. We looked at his works and pointed out the different things he painted and how hungry we were! Students used his colors, shapes, and lines to create a 3D cupcake using clay. They molded the bottom and a pinch pot fo the top.