6th Grade Daily Updates!
    Homework is posted daily on the front board.
    I will be holding clinics on Mondays, throughout the year, from 3 - 4.  There are no passes required.  A student simply has to show up to A214.  Mrs. Whiteman will also be offering time after school on Wednesdays from 3 -4.  Ms. Merciore has a morning clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She requires a clinic pass.  On rare occasions, conflicts may occur for myself, Ms. Whiteman or Ms. Merciore.  Thus, it is highly suggested that any student staying for clinic should check in with the teacher to make sure there aren't any changes.
         We practiced problems for the Ch 6 test.  I assigned p499#1-8 for homework.
         I reviewed the homework answers.  Then, I walked through how to multiply decimals.  The jhomework is on page 97#2-12(even) and p205#2-10(even)
         Worked on 3.1 and 3.2 today.  Homework is to finish the worksheet but most finished in class.
         Finished up test.  Assigned p178-180 to read and complete any problems on those pages.  This one will be checked.
        Chapter 2 test.
        Ch 2 test Tuesday.  We finished off section 2.8.  Homework is to finish off worksheet from class today.
         Ch 2 test next Tuesday.  I reviewed the homework answers.  Then, I introduced proportions (2.8)  There is no homework tonight.
         Ch 2 test is on Tuesday.  Today we reviewed 2.6 and 2.7.  Hw is a worksheet
         We went over the answers to the worksheet.  Then discussed section 2.6.  I assigned p141 #1-8.  I will be giving a 10 question retake quiz on Monday for the opportunity to increase the quiz grades from the last quiz.
         Passed back quiz.  Went over answers.  A retake will be on Monday.  I again talked about 2.5.  I assigned a worksheet (only the odds).
        Students were allowed to finish up their quiz.  We had a warm-up on LCM and converting to decimals.  We then turned to p130 1.5.  The homework is p133#1-8,13,14
         Went over answers to practice quiz.  Then Quiz on 2.1-2.4.  More time tomorrow.
         Passed out practice quiz.
         We practiced converting from decimals to fractions and vice versa.  I focused on checking the student's long division work.  The homework is a worksheet.  Quiz early next week.
         Students finished the test.  I then asigned practice worksheet on converting decimals into fractions (only the top set of probems.)
         Test today
         I handed back the quiz out of 30.  The e-school has been updated today.  After reviewing the quiz answers, we then worked on a practice test for Friday.  The homework was to finish of the practice test.
         Warm up was p 44 #9 and p 52#9.  We then continues with problems from section 1.7.  HW p 75#1-3, 5, 6.  Test Friday on Chapter 1.
        Warm up was p36#12.  After walking through the answer, we completed several problems from section 1.7  There was no homework.
        Warm-up was p24#10.  We then walked through the homework problems.  At the end of the period, I walked through several of the on-line textbook features.  There is no homewor
         We investigated p12#16 as warm-up.  Then we worked on section 1.6.  I assigned p63#1-7 for homework.
         Finished quiz.
        Quiz today.  Most did not finish.  Some time will be provided tomorrow.
         We took a practice quiz today in preparation for tomorrow's quiz.
    The quiz will be on Tuesday of next week.  It will cover 1.1 - 1.5.  Today, the students downloaded the on-line textbook onto their I-Pads.  Then they worked on a review worksheet due for Monday.
    The quiz is pushed back to Tuesday 9/26.  It is on sections 1.1 through 1.5.  After reviewing homework, the class started 1.5.  We went through several example problems.  I gave an exit ticket today to check GCF and LCM skills.  HW:  p51#1-4, p53#1-3
    Quiz on Wednesday Sections 1-1 through 1-5.  In class today, I first went over the homework worksheet.  Then, section 1-4 was discussed and practiced.  I informed the class of the quiz on Wednesday and encouraged them, if they could, to stay after school for clinic.   HW:  p42#1-3, p43#1,3,5