• supplies

    Dear Parents and Students, 

    Welcome to second grade!  It will be so nice to meet all our new students and parents in September.  We are requesting that students bring the following items with them to start the new school year: 

    Pencil Box (all supplies must fit inside) 8x5 or so size

    Pencil Sharpener with lid

    Crayons (Box of 24 or less) or Colored Pencils (not both)

    1 Highlighter

    Pencils (#2)-sharpened (at least 5 pencils)

    Pencils (#2) 1 box (which we will hold until needed)

    2 Green pens

    Fiskars scissors

    1 ream of copier paper

    3 Folders with pockets (one will be used for Homework)

                Please label with child’s name


    Ruler (12 inches/30 centimeters)

    2 Large glue sticks

    4 pack of Dry Erase markers

    Dry Erase Eraser or sock to use as an eraser

    2 Marble Composition books (any color)

    Headphones (NOT earbuds) for computer class- Place in a Gallon Zip-Lock Bag with name on outside

    3 Boxes of tissues

    2 big containers of Clorox disinfecting wipes

    Art Smock- Place in a Gallon Zip-Lock Bag  with name on outside 

    Please have the following supplies available at home:

    Pencils               Glue Stick

    Ruler                   Flash Cards for Addition and Subtraction


    Thank you for your cooperation.  Have a safe and happy summer.  See you in September!

                                        The Second Grade Team