• School Hours

    • Doors open at 7:25am. 
    • Students are dismissed at 2:55pm. 


    Late Students

    • To avoid being late, arrive before 7:45am so you have time to go to your locker. 
    • If you arrive after 7:55am - you are late and you need to come to the main office to sign in and get an ehall pass.
    • Students sign themselves in when they are late.
    • Parents/guardians do not need to come into the building when their children are late.



      • Absence Notes
        • Parents/guardians must email or send a note to their child's homeroom teacher explaining why their child was absent within 3 days of being absent.
        • Failure to bring in a note within 3 days of your child's absence will result in referral to the office for disciplinary action.   Click here to view the student handbook 
        • Calling the school and reporting the absence does not replace the email or note that must be sent to the homeroom teacher. 
        • Calling school when your child is absent is not necessary unless they are absent for 3 or more days.


    Early Dismissal

    To have your child waiting for you in the main office for an early dismissal, please send in a note. 
    • This note should include:
      • Your child's full name
      • Your child's grade
      • The date your child will be picked up
      • The time you will be picking your child up
      • Your full name
      • The full name of the person who will be picking up your child
    • Your child should bring this note to the main office as soon as they arrive at school the morning of the early dismissal so they can be given an ehall pass to leave school early.  
    • If you forget to send in a note and a parent/guardian will be picking up your child, you do not need to call the office and let us know you are coming - just come to Carl Sandburg and let us know you are here to pick up your child and that they didn't have a note.  We will find them and call them to the main office for early dismissal.
    • The only time you need to call the main office for an early dismissal is if you forgot to write a note and someone other than the parent/guardian is coming to pick up your child.  Call the main office at 215-809-6220 and let us know who you are giving permission to pick up your child.
    • Please remember everyone needs to bring their ID to sign in when picking up a student for an early dismissal.  Thank you for your cooperation!