Keystone Prep Update Page!
    At the end of each quarter, I will provide Ms. Reed with a "Keystone Grade" which she will include into the Algebra grades.  The "Keystone Grade" will consist of a cumulative homework grade and one quiz per quarter.
    There is an after school clinic on Monday from 3-4 in A214 (Varell) and also on Wednesday from 3-4 in A214 (Whiteman).
    9/18 - 9/25
        For this cycle, we are working on probability.  Homework will be worksheet p41 #1-10
    10/9 - 10/12
        For this cycle, I will be reviewing how to build a Box and Whisker and interpretting the data.  Homework is the 12-7 Probability of Compound Events worksheet #1-18