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    Spending Plan
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    Spending Plan


    Ready-To-Learn Grant for STEM Grades 4-12

    $75,000--Instruction (Items listed in order of priority)

    1. Major purchases of instructional materials to support the STEM special course at the 5th grade level along with any changes to the FOSS kits in grades 5/6 and the changes to the curriculum in 7th/8th. A more specific list of these instructional materials will be developed in collaboration with the teachers before the end of FY 2015. I anticipate these expenses will be close to $50,000.

    2. Instructional support of the summer STEM program--additional materials, robotics equipment, engineering equipment, etc. that can increase the rigor and interest level of the summer STEM students and also be available to the high school PLTW and T&EE classes as needed.

    3. Additional supplies to support the 3D printing at the secondary level.

    4. New/replacement microscopes to support the life science and biology programs.

    5. Additional PLTW materials for the secondary level, particularly for the Design and Modeling Engineering course at the middle school level.

    6. Microsoft Certification Practice Test 5-seat licenses and certification prep booklets for students in the BCIT program.

    7. Upgraded physics equipment, especially what is needed to support computer assisted instruction and lab activities--sensory devices enabling observations to be sent to computer programs for use in data analysis, graphing, etc.

    8. More/replacement lab equipment to adequately equip the high and middle school science lab stations; much of what currently exists is relatively old and outdated.


    $30,000 remaining--Professional Development (Items listed in order of priority)


    1. Lead science and 3 middle school science teachers to NSTA conference in Philadelphia--approximately $7500.

    2. Guest presenter(s)/coaches for middle school science teachers. One possibility from St. Joseph’s University (Joseph Cifelli)--approximately $5000.

    3. PD for 5th grade science teachers as needed to implement the FOSS kits potentially in rooms without windows and/or running water—some may be new to science at this level and will need support in science instruction strategies—A FOSS kit trainer/coach—approximately $5000.

    4.     Additional Singapore Math coaching and middle school math support as needed for grades 4/5--approximately $5000. Davidson Group is providing workshops in August (Philadelphia): http://teacherbilldavidson.com/workshops/   Staff Development for Educators is also available.

    5. PD time for secondary science teachers to learn how to most effectively use our more sophisticated lab equipment (spectrophotometer, thermocycler for DNA analysis, data gathering probes (how to use probes to collect data during labs).

    6. Jason Learning science program—additional PD to support current 9th grade program.

    7. Summer PD for teachers--Possibly the National Aerospace Training and Research center in Southampton (NASTAR) with 10 different teacher workshops available.


    $60,000 remaining--Supplies and Materials (Items listed in order of priority)


    Various supplies, resources, staff compensations, transportation, etc. to support:


    1. The transition of 5th grade and the STEM special class at the middle school level.

    2. The overall increased spiraling nature of the middle school science program—curriculum realignment.

    3. The high school science club; Tower of Power at Sandburg.

    4. K'Nex and computer fair competitions; robotics club/competitions; STEM girls trip to BCIU.

    5. A new middle school STEM program/activity at Sandburg—Family Tools and Technology and any other new extra- and/or co-curricular STEM activities.

    6. Science fairs at the elementary school level.

    7. BCIT clubs at the middle school level.

    8. The high school envirothon club/competition.

    9. Any newly created or existing math clubs/competitions (would like to promote more of these). Examples: Math competition (Pi Day) at Holy Ghost Prep and 24 Challenge Competition at BCCC

    10. AE supplies to support their activities/competitions mostly at the middle school level. 

    11. A water distillation apparatus for the high school; mostly for chemistry and environmental science lab activities.


    We can also pursue financial and materials/resources donations from parent/community members and regional businesses. 


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