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    A Way Forward
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     A Way Forward


     Financial support for various STEM curricular and co-curricular activities is available through the Ready-To-Learn grant. Such funding will be appreciated next year if it remains available. Uses of the money will be prioritized as done this year with a focus more toward the middle school content areas and ongoing support of the transition to 5-8 middle schools. Efforts will continue to be directed to secure various grants regionally and nationally with the National Science Foundation, Toshiba, and the Bemis Company as three to pursue initially. 

     ASSET STEM Education is a national STEM education improvement nonprofit organization. ASSET provides a variety of professional development and educational materials to educators that are inquiry based and aligned to national and state standards. This national group has a PA organization which supports many initiatives in STEM and has held several conferences. We are making a connection with this nonprofit.

    http://www.assetinc.org/our-philosophy/about-us.aspx, http://www.assetinc.org/contact.aspx

    STEM Advisory Council

     To assist in implementation and monitoring of the STEM program, a STEM Advisory Council will be created to develop a plan for K-12 STEM education that is aligned to the district's strategic plan.

     The council will be comprised of one administrator from the high school, one administrator from the middle school level, one administrator from the elementary level, 2-3 STEM teachers (including AE) from each of the levels, a cabinet/board level representative, a STEM field community member, a parent, a high school student, and a middle school student.


     Sharing and marketing of our overall STEM program can be supported through collaborative efforts with our community relations specialist, various individuals updating/maintaining STEM content area web pages on the district and building level websites, use of the districts Facebook page, Twitter, district newsletters, creation of informative and STEM highlight videos, local newspapers, etc.


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