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    STEM Programs
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     Extracurricular STEM Programs

    The Summer STEM Academy has been successful and will take place for a fourth time this summer. The addition of a second level advanced week should be popular for students who already attended the basic robotics camp and the advanced camp. There is an interest in continuing to build upon student skills and interest levels as they become middle school aged and pursue the rigorous, honors level PLTW courses at the high school. 

     Consideration is being given to alternative summer STEM camp options as well--programs established by outside companies that specialize in summer STEM programs and provide training to teachers. "Camp Invention" is one to consider.  http://campinvention.org/2015-program/


     A concerted effort is made to engage girls in STEM career fields in which women are underrepresented. Girls in grades 6-10 will participate in a #girlSTEM conference at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown in May 2015 as a way to inspire middle and high school girls to embrace careers in the STEM-related fields. The conference features interactive seminars with professional women, hands-on workshops and open forum discussions. We plan to make this an annual event for Neshaminy girls and will have two buses go to the event this year with approximately 80 girls.


    Hour of Code, Computer Fair, FBLA, K'Nex competition and other clubs/activities

     Both the high school and middle school BCIT teachers participated in Hour of Code this year, reaching 1600 students.  Students used tutorials to work with pre-coded blocks and created coding puzzles and games to learn language concepts.  Students learned the basics of JavaScript programming, edited strings, included math operations, variables, functions and arrays to code.  They demonstrated robotic devices, and designed a product using 3-D printing code.  Students of the Poquessing Computer Club tutored fourth and fifth grade students from nearby Ferderbar Elementary in basic programming while also helping them navigate through the code.org site. The BCIU Computer Fair will be held March 20, 2015. There are BCIT middle school students participating, and Karen Moraes is coordinating. A few students advanced to the state level last year.  The FBLA State Competition and Conference will be April 12 – 15th where twenty students will be competing in business and technology events. Our academic enrichment (AE) students are also exposed to STEM/PLTW content. One participation example is the K'nex STEM design challenge—a STEM competition sponsored by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. STEM debate topics have been added to the middle school AE curriculum. AE level participation prepares students for higher level, middle and high school contests and competitions by engaging students in more problem solving and critical thinking activities. Examples include, but are not limited to, STEM related co- and extracurricular activities, such as Tower of Power competition, Science/Computer Fairs, Chess Club, Math Olympiad, BCIT club activities and the 24 Challenge Math competitions. We have high school students competing in MATHetes, Envirothon, FBLA and the regional Science Fair. Enrichment opportunities in STEM and the Humanities can be incorporated into the WIN period at the middle school level. 



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