• List and explanation of December 2014 meetings and hearings
    related to the school construction, consolidation and renovation plans 


    Tuesday December 1

    Maple Point MS, District Board Room 7 pm
    • Board Reorganization meeting
    • Separate meeting to follow the meeting above: Presentation of Phase 1 GESA project
      • Representative(s) from Reynolds Energy Services will present information about the planned upgrades for Hoover Elementary School, Albert Schweitzer Elementary School and Carl Sandburg Middle School.

    Tuesday December 2

    Maple Point MS, District Board Room  6:30 pm
    • Board Policies Committee Meeting 

    Thursday December 4

    Neshaminy High School, Theodore Kloos Auditorium, 7 pm 
    • Public Hearing on the cost limits for the proposed construction of the new Tawanka Elementary School
      • This is a hearing only, no vote will be taken and no debate will occur. The public is invited to sign up in advance to speak, the 3-minute maximum will be in place for all speakers. In addition, if you cannot attend the hearing in person, the public has 30 days from the date of this hearing to submit written letters on this topic to the District that will be included in the public record submitted to the Pennsylvania State Department of Education. Those letters will be considered equally with the testimony delivered at the December 4 or 5 hearing.  Please see the Act 34 information booklet for information about this process.
      • Written testimony may be mailed or dropped off in person at Neshaminy School District, c/o Jennifer Burns, 2250 Langhorne-Yardley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047. Normal office hours are Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm excluding holidays. All such testimony must be received no later than the end of of the business day, Monday January 5, 2015.
      • Residents will still have the opportunity to speak to the Board about this project or any other District matter during the public comment section of the regularly scheduled meetings in the future. That testimony will not be part of the record delivered to the State of Pennsylvania specific to the Act 34 process, but will still be heard by the Board and be part of the regular meeting record.

    Friday December 5 (only if needed)

    Neshaminy High School, Theodore Kloos Auditorium, 7 pm  
    •  Continuation of Public Hearing on the Proposed Construction of the New Tawanka Elementary School ONLY if needed as overflow from the December 4 meeting.

    Tuesday December 9

    Maple Point Middle School District Board Room, 6:30 pm
    •  Board Educational Development Committee Meeting

    Monday December 15

    Maple Point Middle School, Harry M. Dengler, Jr. Performing Arts Center, 7 pm
    • Public Hearing on the proposed closing of the Samuel Everitt Elementary School. 
      • This hearing begins a state-mandated 90-day process outlined in Section 7-780 of the Public School Code after which the full Board can vote on the closure. The December date was chosen to allow ample time for the Everitt school staff and community to prepare for the transition should the closure pass after this 90-day timeline.
      • NOTE: Residents will be able to speak about any issue, including the Everitt closure, at any board meeting during the 90-day waiting period and beyond. Meeting schedules can be found here.

    Tuesday December 16 (only if needed)

     Maple Point Middle School, Harry M. Dengler, Jr. Performing Arts Center, 7 pm
    •  Overflow continuation date for the December 15 hearing only if needed.