• Elementary Library Science Curriculum
    Librarians in the Neshaminy elementary schools are teaching students in grades K through 5 a new technology-infused library science curriculum. The focus has been on using iPads to learn applications such as Educreations, Edmondo and Google Docs to collaborate, to do research, to communicate with the librarian and classmates and to create digital presentations. Students are growing in technology knowledge and skills as well as in confidence. Librarians are excited about the possibilities to use the iPads to do more writing and assessments to check for understanding.  
    The following are some activites currently happening in our elementary schools......
    Earlier this school year, first grade students in the District were introduced to online eBooks through Scholastic's BookFlix website, which pairs non-fiction text with fiction stories 
    At Buck Elementary School, students have used the iPads to compose poetry:
    I am from colorful TVs where you can watch hundreds of channels
    I am from iPods where you can download millions and millions of apps
    I am from long and short eBooks where you read hundreds of books online
    I am from the microwaves that beep so loud and where you can make everything.
                                                             Rachel M.
    Also at Buck, Mrs. Humbert has started a Technology Club, which is an Edmondo extension of the library classroom. During the club meetings, the students have time to practice what they have learned. Mrs. Humbert reported that a fourth grade student took his knowledge of Google Docs back to his classroom and transferred his skills to demonstrate the use of Google Docs on the computer.
    At Everitt and Miller Elementary Schools, Ms. Story reported that students are greatly enjoying Educreations, which allows students to record short videos on the iPad. The students use the iPad to take a picture of a pre-selected book, record their voices and share their thoughts and opinions about the story and characters.
    At Ferderbar Elementary, Ms. Casterline shared how the Ferderbar 4th and 5th graders are learning how to manage their "work flow" using tools like Edmondo and Google Docs. After working on posting and replying on Edmondo, one of the 4th graders wrote a post sharing his plans to celebrate Galileo's birthday. Maybe he will be a future astronomer! 
    At Heckman Elementary, Ms. Buiocchi reported that lessons began with learning how to properly handle the iPads and how to stay safe when being online. The older students are getting very familiar with using Edmondo and the younger students are confidently using the Educreations app. 
    At Schweitzer Elementary, Mrs. Adamson indicated that Schweitzer students are using iPads in the library to develop technology skills with an emphasis on social and emotional learning. Students learned how to use a website, EasyBib, when they were learning about plagiarism. When they were asked why citing sources is a good example of CARES behavior (school-wide positive behavior support system), some students said it was respectful because of not stealing the ideas of others; that it showed a positive attitude when not copying from someone, and it was respecting another person's hard work.