• Health Aides, Assignments & Information

     School  Health Aide/Credentials
     Ferderbar Elementary School  Denise Buschmann, RN
     Our Lady of Grace  Kathleen Pote, LPN
     Schweitzer Elementary School  Sharon Kneiss, RN
     Maple Point Middle School  Jeanne Good, LPN
     Holy Family  Theresa Stumpo, RN
     Tawanka Elementary School   Jeanne Drake, LPN
     Neshaminy High School  Sharon Kneiss, RN

    To provide initial emergency and ongoing health care to the children in the absence of the school nurse, Neshaminy School District employs Health Aides in all of our public elementary schools.  The Health Aides report to the building principal and work cooperatively with the school nurse.

    The essential functions of the Health Aide are as follows:

    1. Assist in helping to maintain and prepare the health records.
    2. Assists in preparing lists of children and schedules for various screening procedures.
    3. Assists in the administration of physical exams when necessary.
    4. Performs initial medical observation of sick and injured children in the absence of the nurse.
    5. Administers initial emergency first aid treatment in the absence of the nurse.
    6. Contacts parents, inquires about selected absentees, and monitors
      follows up on completion of forms for mandated programs.
    7. Administers medication as prescribed by the physician with written permission from the parent.
    8. Maintains certification in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid and other health related training as required.
    9. Performs any related duties as necessary to care for health needs of the students.