-Our Superkids Reading Program: Consists of Student Books, Practice Pages and Superkid online review, assessments and games.  

    -Iready Reading online: In addition to the Superkids Program, Neshaminy School District uses this ONLINE program individualized instruction, reinforcement,  Enhancement, and Assessment. 



    Unit 1 - We met Cass, the first Superkid, who likes to cook concoctions and has a cat named Coconut.  We learned the letter Cc and the sound /k/ as in cat, corn, and carrot.  We are practicing identifying sounds at the beginning of a word.  We also learned to write our name and the letter Cc on the ice cream lines. 

    Unit 2 - We met Oswald who likes to read about, draw, and make odd animals.  We learned the letter Oo and the sound /o/ as in ox, otter, and ocelot.  We learned to discriminate between the /k/ and /o/ sound at the beginning of a word.

    Unit 3 - We met Golly who likes to smell and sniff things, especially garbage.  We learned the letter Gg and the sound /g/ as in gum, grape, and green.   We learned how to identify the /g/ sound at the beginning and end of a word.

    Unit 4 - We met Alf who likes to go on adventures but is always followed by those annoying ants. We learned the letter Aa and the sound /a/ as in apple, anteater, and astronaut. We learned to discriminate the /a/ and /o/ sound in the middle of a word. We are learning to listen for each sound in a word to identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds and letter.

    Unit 5 - We met Doc who likes to fix and make toys.  We learned the letter Dd and the sound /d/ as in doll, dish, and drum.  We learned how to tap out each sound in a word, write each letter sound, then blend those sounds back together to read the whole word. 

    Unit 6 - We met Sal who loves to play sports like soccer, stickball, and skiing.  We learned the letter Ss and the sound /s/ as in sun, seal, and star.  We are reading 3 sound words and matching them to a picture. 

    Unit 7 - We met Lily who likes to play with her stuffed lions, Lass, Lad, Mom, and Dad.  We learned the letter Ll and the sound /l/ as in lion, lollipop, and lemon.  We also learned that double letters make one sound when we read words such as odd, class, and doll.  We are now segmenting and blending 4 sound words. 

    Unit 8 - We met Icky who likes to watch TV.  We learned the letter Ii and the sound /i/ as in igloo, itch, and ill.  We are now blending words with all three short vowels sounds /a/, /o/, and /i/. 

    Unit 9 - We met Tic, Tac, and Toc, fun friends who are triple trouble.  We learned the letter Tt and the sound /t/ as in tree, tennis, and turkey.  We are now reading whole sentences and stories.

    Unit 10 - We met Frits.  He loves to go fishing.  The letter Ff says /f/ as in fish, frog, and fox.  Our focus is on reading whole words and sentences more fluently.

    Unit 11 - We met Ettabetta.  She loves games, puzzles, and rhyming,  We learned the letter Ee says /e/ as in elephant, egg, and elf.  We are now decoding words wit the vowel sounds /a/, /i/, /o/, and /e/.  We are practicing reading carefully and correctly to discriminate these sounds (ex: hit, hat, hot, bed, bad)

    Unit 12 - We met Hot Rod who loves to go fast on his bike called The Fast Cat.  We learned the letter Hh and the sound /h/ as in hot, hand, and hat.  We are continuing to read whole stories, reading words fluently.  We are also reading for comprehension, making sure we understand what we read.

    Unit 13 - We have now met all of the SUPERKIDS.  We learned the letter Uu and the sound /u/ as in umbrella, us, and under.  The students should now know all the short vowel sounds and be able to decode them in 3-4 sound words.