Greetings from Mrs. Turchi !!                                                                                                  



    elcome to7thgrade!


    Below is a list of supplies for both the Algebra 1 class and the PreAlgebra classes, unless individually specified, that you will need to be successful in math class this year!



    1. For ALGEBRA 1 ONLY......An 8 ½ x 11 subject spiral notebook.  (The size is extremely important), with atleast 150 pages.  We will be using two of these during the school year. It may be advantageous for students to get the two at the same time and keep one safely at home.

    **Remember do not tear paper out of your math notebook for use in another subject. 
     2.  A positive attitude

    3.  Many sharpened pencils

    4.  Red pen

    5.  An open mind

    6.  A big smile and a good work ethic

    7.  Highlighter

    8.  A willingness to work with others

    9.  ALGEBRA 1 ONLY.....Several glue sticks(Students tend to lose and run out of glue often.).  

    10.  Silent reading book(to be kept with you at all times)

    11.  Calculator-Texas Instruments- X30IIS for either math class and  TI-84PLUS can be used for Algebra 1. We will spend some time in class learning how to use this.  Although both calculators are fine for using on the Keystone Exam. **If you are unable to get a TI-X30IIS, you can ask to sign one out until you do get one or for the year.

    12.  Colored Markers

    13.  PRE ALGEBRA CLASSES....... 4 Pocket folders,,,1 for each quarter.....only to be used for Math class!

    14.  A pencil pouch to hold all of these items. There are many different, creative bags you can use to fit everything!!It is best when you pack up the pouch with all of your materials including calculator and carry the pouch with you to class every day.  This way, you won't be forgetting anything.  **Calculators will not be supplied during class.  If you forget your calculator, you will not have one to use.

    ** Tissues are no longer supplied by the school district. Please bring in one box of tissues – to be shared with the class or have an individual pack in your pencil pouch.



    See you on August 30th!!