• These are really worthwhile apps. They are not drill and kill, but promote number sense, perseverence, and problem solving.
    They are available
    only for  iPads,  iPhones and iPod Touch and maybe some other Smart phones (depending on the app.) Some have a small cost, but most have a free app and then can then be upgraded for a cost.

    Motion Math Fractions - on the number line

    Motion Math Zoom - number line estimation

    Motion Math Wings – multiplication

    Motion Math Hungry Fish – addition and subtraction

    Pearl Diver HD – fraction number line practice

    Lobster Diver - same

    Nine Gaps - great number sense

    Chicken Math – find sums quickly before the fox eats the eggs

    Operation Math Free - secret agent fun theme to get your child to practice math facts

    Number League - super heroes catch the number villians- combine different numbers - $3.99

    Kaakooma - Greg Tang - you can try it for free online. Suduko type sum game

    Number Pyramid - number bond type practice for addition and subtraction

    Jungle Coins - practice counting money

    Jungle Time - practice telling time

    Jungle Fractions - fraction practice

    Candy Factory- fractions – this gets very difficult

    Let's Tans – tangrams

    Symmetry Shuffle - www.mathdoodles.com