• Preparing for Kindergarten Math


    • Can your child count to 10? How about starting at 3 and counting to 10? Starting at 6?   (Rote counting)

    • Can your child count up to 10 objects? Do they understand that the last number said is the amount of the whole group?

    • Given 10 objects, can they count out 7?

    • Can they identify the names of the numbers to 10?

    • Can they write the numbers to 10?

    • Can they match the number with the correct set of objects?

    • Do they see that 5 objects is 5 no matter what the arrangement?

     Kindergarten Focus


             One more or one less without counting

             Changing numbers (7 to 9)

             Which is more or less

             Use knowledge of one number to count another

             How many more or less

             Recognize small groups without counting

             Recognize and describe parts of numbers in arrangements

             Describing shapes and space

             Teen numbers as ten plus leftovers


    Helping Your Child


    ü      Make math a part of  daily life

    ü      Provide lots of opportunities for counting

    ü      Ask your child to explain how he/she knows

    ü      Work with Geoboards, shape blocks, Cuisenaire rods, ten frames


              geoboard            shape blocks     Rods       tenframe
     ü  Board games – Chutes and Ladders; Candyland, Checkers, Chinese Checkers