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    I feel very fortunate to be in my current position teaching kindergarten at beautiful, shiny, climate-conditioned Tawanka Elementary School. Throughout my years of teaching, I have instructed many different grade levels: third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. Upon graduation from Bloomsburg State University (formally Bloomburg State College), I began my teaching career in Fox Chase, teaching sixth grade at St. Cecilia Catholic School.  After two years, I was hired by Neshaminy School District and have been a proud teacher for over thirty years. My first position in fourth grade at Albert Schweitzer Elementary School in Levittown was such a joy. Quite a number of my students there became teachers and told me I was their inspiration.  I  stayed at Schweitzer for over ten years teaching third grade and fourth grade. During that time I earned a Masters Degree in Elementary Education with a core in Science from Arcadia University (formally Beaver College).
    Next, a move to the "original" Tawanka Elementary School found me educating fifth graders until the building was closed three years later. Oliver Heckman Elementary School was my next stop where I taught fifth and fourth grade.   Heckman closed fourteen years later. At that point, I chose to be at the "new" Tawanka Elementary School teaching kindergarten. Without a doubt, it is the most challenging and rewarding grade of all! An extra bonus, is that this new school will stay open for a long time to come.
    As I traversed Neshaminy School District, I've had the pleasure of meeting many students and their parents. It's possible someone in your family or one of your neighbors was a student in one of my classes.  Recently, I have taught the children of my former students. It makes me smile, but I do wonder where time has gone! Please let me know if you have a connection.
    On a personal note, I love the beach, playing the guitar and ukeleke, singing, reading, traveling and spending time with my 26 year old daughter.
    More information follows.
    Amy H. Neff


    Educational Background:

    - B.S. Bloomburg Universtity of PA (Elementary Education K-6)

    - M.Ed. Beaver College (Arcadia University) Elementary Education with a core in Science

    - College credits, school and district professional development, IU Cohort, professional books, professional periodicals, National Science Teacher Conventions, on-line learning and research.



    - NEWEST -NASA Workshop for Elementary Students (Kennedy Space Center and Space Camp) 

    - Project LABS (Developed lesson plan with Roman Haas scientist)

    - Marquis Who's Who in American Education; Who's Who in the US.


    Interests & Family:

    - Music: singing, guitar, ukelele

    - Reading: All genres

    - Interests: bikng, theater, beach at Ocean City,New Jersey.   

    - Family: Very proud of Kaylee (daughter) graduate of Marist College- Digital Media (Film editing; Animation).  Large extended family.


    Leadership and Philosophy:

    - SWPBS Team member

    - Professional Mission: Encourage students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers, and creative problem-solvers.

    - Safe Environment: Where students feel comfortable taking academic risks and embrace the process of learning. Be kind!

    - Appreciation of Individuality: Each child is unique and has special talents, gifts and ideas to share.  Each child has areas for growth.

    - We're a Team: Communication between home and school is a priority to student success and happiness.



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    Office 215 809-6336       

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