If your child requires medication to be given at school, please be sure to ask the physician for a note.  A note is required for any medication. 
    All medication given at school must be in the original container.  If it is a prescription medication, ask the pharmacist for an identical bottle.  The pharmacist will even measure out liquid medication for the amount of school days required.  Just a reminder, that students would not be permitted to transport medication, so an additional container would be advantageous and also safe.
    Antibiotics that are ordered three times a day are usually not given at school.  Antibiotics are most therapeutic if stretched throughout the child"s waking hours.  If the child attends an after school program he/she will usually require a dose at school.
    If you think your child may require any over the counter medication during the school year (example: Advil, Tylenol, Cold tablets, etc) it would be beneficial to get the order to cover the entire school year.  This may prevent a headache or cold from worsening so your child would be more comfortable at school.
    Just a reminder of our School District Policy for information.  You must have:
    • A physician"s note which clearly states:
      • name of medication
      • amount of dosage
      • time medication is to be given
      • reason for prescribing medication
    • Parent note with the same information as stated above.
    • Medication waiver signed
    Neshaminy requires a parent note for cough drops.  (No physician"s note is required) The cough drops will be kept in the teacher"s desk and given to the child as needed.  This policy is to prevent a choking incident.
    If your child sustains an injury such as a fracture or sprain, that requires any limitations, please send a doctor"s note indicating when to stop activities such as gym and recess and also when to resume these activities.