•      Your life will change almost as much as your child's when they start school. You will be more
         comfortable if you know what to expect and plan ahead.
         Attend your child's school orientation. Listen and ask questions.
         Give your child responsibilities over the summer.
         Encourage reading & writing all year long. Help develop your child's writing skills by helping
         him/her write letters and postcards to friends and relatives.
         About a month before school starts adjust your child's sleep schedule, especially if he/she is use   
         to staying up late and sleeping late in the morning. Most 5-6 year olds need 10-12 hours of 
         sleep a night.
         Get school items ready the night before to help maintain a calm household in the morning.
         Remember that what happens at home may effect your child during the school day, make sure to
         send him/her off on a good note with a hug and a compliment.