• School Health Services 
    Colleen McIlhenny M.Ed BSN RN, CSN  
    School Nurse
    For more information: NSD School Nurses Website
     First aid is administered to students in case of accidents or illness occurring at school. Students who are vomiting or have a temporature above 100 degrees will
    be sent home. If a student has a serious injury or illness that requires immediate
    medical attention 911 will be called and the parent notified at that time.  If a
    student has an injury that causes pain or a mobility issue the parent will be called.
    The parent will also get a call for any and all head bumps and any eye injury.,  If a
    child comes to the Health Office too often, the parents will be consulted. Every
    minute in the Health Office is a minute lost from instruction or recess. These
    students are also exposed to students who are ill. 
    The school MUST have emergency phone numbers to contact you if your child
    becomes ill at school. You may want to have someone (a neighbor or relative)
    provide an alternate place to take your child if you cannot pick him/her up
    from school in a timely fashion. We will not release a child to anyone who is
    NOT written on the emergency card. Please keep the school informed if
    there is a change in your phone numbers at home, work or those people who
     are your emergency contacts.
    We urge you to keep your child home if he/she has the following conditions
    and seek medical attention
      • temperature of 100 degrees or more
      • vomiting
      • head lice [ please call school nurse as well ]
      • rash [ If your child is sent home from school with a rash,please provive a
        physicians note to return to school]
      • sore throat
    Pennsylvania State law requires that all children entering school in kindergarten or
    first grade must have a physical and dental examination. Dental examinations are required for students in third grade. Parents may have their family doctors do the
    exam and return the forms to the nurse'soffice. If forms have not been returned,
    the examinations will be offered to be done free of charge  by the school doctor or dentist. Parents who choose to have the school doctor or dentist do the exam will be notified of any physical or dental problems noted. A The height, weight, vision. and BMI of every child are checked each year. In Kindergarten through Third grade.
    Seventh and Eleventh  hearing will also be checked.If you suspect your child is
    having difficulty with their hearing or vision,please do not hesitate to call to have
    the screening done.
    -Please stop by the Health Room for an application