Welcome to Oliver Heckman Elementary School
Mr. Brian Kern - Principal 215-809-6330 bkern@neshaminy.k12.pa.us
Heckman Teachers offer tutoring and enrichment sessions for their students on Monday and Friday mormings from 8:20 to 8:50 a.m. Please contact your child's teacher for more information.

PSSA DATES Grades 3-5
English Language Arts 4/13/15-4/16/15
Math 4/20/15-4/22/15
Science 4/28/15-4/29/15 (Grade 4 ONLY)

Home Access Information
Having problems logging in?  Please email us @ ccardone@neshaminy.k12.pa.us.

Need to register for the current School Year or for 2015-2016?
You can begin the registration process online by following the link on the left side of this page.  Questions?  Please call Christie Cardone at 215-809-6330.

SECURITY ROUTINES  Parents, guardians and emergency contacts may be asked to display photo identification upon entering the building and before visiting a classroom or before we dismiss a child to an individual.  Please share this information with relatives and friends to avoid delays and misunderstandings.

KID'S CLUB All doors will remained locked before and after-school.  Morning and afternoon pick-up will occur at the side entrance, behind the dumpsters.  Please DO NOT drive or park within the circular parking area.

The Classroom
In the classroom the learning begins
From the second you walk in
Science, math, language arts, too
Don't forget it all starts at homeroom
Learning new words from day to day
Some of these words are hard to say
Posters and flags all around the room
Designed to help and guide you
In the classroom the learning begins
Right from the second you walk in.
Written by Jaimie Rue during her 5th grade year at Oliver Heckman Elementary